Coming from developer Kong Orange, Felix the Reaper is a quirky puzzle game featuring colorful level designs. It was originally launched for PC and Switch in October 2019 and is reportedly coming to iOS this year. Check out its trailer below:

This one is a rather curious case, as it somehow manages to be delightful and morbid at the same time. Basically, you'll be solving puzzles to lead people to their doom, but your character Felix will dance to some awesome soundtracks while doing so. The developer has even gone so far as to consult professional dancers to choreograph Felix’s moves.

Each level is divided into grids, which can be either fully lit or covered by the shadow.  Felix is the Harbinger of Death, so of course he can only stand in grids that aren’t lit. As a result, he has to move the objects on the map around to block the light and create dark areas for himself to operate in. For instance, you can put a barrel on top of a crate to make its shadow longer.

Felix The Reaper
Felix can only operate in the shadow, so expand his territory

That is just one example of the many ways Felix can interact with the environment around him, with the ultimate goal being to kill a target in an extremely over-the-top fashion. Also, as mentioned, Felix doesn’t walk, he dances every time he moves – just because!

Kong Orange has also mentioned that it has added 3 new mechanics to this mobile version of Felix the Reaper, promising a better experience compared to its PC and console counterparts. This also means some levels have been completely overhauled to accommodate these new mechanics. More details on the new features will be revealed in the future.

Felix The Reaper 2
The mobile version promises new features

Felix the Reaper is expected to hit the App Store sometime in the next couple of months. It’s probably going to be a premium title, though no information on the pricing model is available at the moment.