Coming from developer WhyKev, TaniNani is an upcoming puzzle game for mobile with a super cute theme. Following the footsteps of the titular protagonists Tani and Nani, you’ll solve a series of puzzles on your way to obtain an all-important crystal. The game is expected to launch later this month on the 23rd of January. Check out its trailer below:

Based on the game’s description, you might imagine that you'd either control both Tani and Nani at the same time or switch between them as you play.  Neither of those is the case here, however. Instead, what you’ll control is the level itself.

The characters will automatically move on their own, but it seems they are distant relatives of the lemmings as they don’t have any concern whatsoever on whether or not they are walking straight into a deadly trap. So, in order to create a path for them to grab the crystal and eventually reach one another, you'll have to drag the 6 pictures that make up the screen around.

Taninani 1
Control the level itself to grab the crystal and bring the 2 characters together

As is common for puzzle games, things are relatively simple at first, requiring you only a couple of moves to finish. But of course, the challenge will increase as you get to the later levels.

For example, time itself will become a factor. Each time you grab a tile of the level, time will be frozen, so even if the characters are falling, they’ll become suspended in mid-air. This allows you to drag that square to another place to have them safely land on the ground. You can see this in action from the trailer above.

At launch, TaniNani will offer 120 stages, each of which comes with its own optional objective for those who’d like some extra challenge. These include falling for a certain amount of time or finish the level with a limited number of moves.

Taninani 2
Over a hundred levels with optional objectives to achieve

TaniNani is set to launch for iOS on January 23rd. The pricing model has not been specified yet, but given that the developer also plans to bring the game to Steam, we can expect it to be a premium title.