The Apple Arcade library has just welcomed a brand new addition: Lego Builder's Journey, the second Lego-themed title after Lego Brawls to grace Apple’s game subscription service. Check out a gameplay footage below:

The Lego aesthetic is about the only thing these 2 games share, though. While Lego Brawls puts a strong emphasis on fast-paced PVP action, Journey is a much more relaxing puzzle game. The game’s App Store page has described it as “poetic”, which is not a word you see associated with Lego very often.

The actual gameplay revolves around building different structures and creating a path for a Lego character to pass through. This character isn’t your typical Lego Minifigure, however: It is made of blocks instead. As you can see from the video above, the figure can only jump on a specific type of block, so you must constantly move these blocks around the level to have the character move where you want.

Lego Builders Journey Ios Apple Arcade Gameplay 09cf_wm
The gameplay revolves around building structures and creating paths

And that’s not the only challenge: Sometimes you'll come across other types of puzzles that require you to use other pieces provided by the stage to overcome. For example, if you come across a river with no way to cross, you must take pieces from other places to make a bridge.

There is a limit to how far your character can jump, so you'll also have to take that into account before making a move.

Lego Builders Journey Ios Apple Arcade Gameplay 2 C28c_wm
There are many puzzles to overcome

The controls are made to be pretty straightforward, which makes it a great fit for the mobile platform. You simply have to tap on a piece to pick it up, and if you want to rotate it, just tap again. Then moving the piece is easily done with a swipe of your finger, while holding down on the screen will make you drop it.

Lego Builder's Journey has now launched on Apple Arcade, which currently has a monthly subscription fee of £4.99 (Rs 460). For more information on the service, check out our previous articles.