The mobile platform is home to countless puzzle titles, but not many can manage to be as visually pleasing as Krystopia. This offering from Swedish developer Antler Interactive – who is also responsible for SVRVIVE: The Deus Helix, a VR puzzle/adventure game that was also highly praised by players and critics alike – is a real treat for fans of 3D escape room games. Check out its trailer below:

The preface of the game introduces players to Nova Dune, a courageous explorer who is on a mission to investigate a mysterious distress signal. Her journey leads her to vast desert on an alien planet, where the only sign of life is a massive gateway. Behind that is a series of room, each sealed tight by a complicated mechanism. Now, Nova has taken it upon herself to explore this catacomb thoroughly in order to uncover the truth about the civilization that once called this land home.

Krystopia 4721_wm
Explore this catacomb thoroughly in order to uncover the truth about the ancient civilization that once lived there

Of course, it is up to you to help her by analyzing the visual clues and experimenting with the machines to unlock the entry to the next room. The first few levels are relatively simple, mainly serving as a way to get you used to the different mechanics of the game. As you progress, though, things will gradually become harder, requiring you to put in more effort. But isn’t that why you are into puzzle games in the first place? To enjoy the satisfaction of overcoming a challenging puzzle?

Krystopia 2 B866_wm
The visuals are extremely pleasing to look at

Visually speaking, Krystopia is also delightful to look at with its colorful art style and slick animations. So even when you’ve been stuck on a tough challenge for half an hour, it’s still hard to get frustrated. Just the act of looking around to find clues is a joy in itself.  Moreover, there are several collectible items scattered around the levels that reveal tidbits about the history of this place, further encouraging you to explore.

Krystopia is available for both Android and iOS right now for free.