Doomsday Vault is the newest game – and the first game of this year – to grace the Apple Arcade game library with its presence. This is a puzzle/adventure title where you set out on a quest to collect the surviving plant life left on Earth following a post-climate collapse bring it back to the titular Doomsday Vault for safekeeping. Check out a gameplay footage below:

Controlling our protagonist DV Robot, who looks like a guy wearing an overly chunky robotic suit, you’ll explore the various environments of the game to find seeds of the most essential plant species. The journey will take you through all sorts of locations, from derelict buildings to flooded cities. After all, it wouldn’t be a post-apocalyptic setting without remnants of human civilization.

Doomsday Vault Environments
Explore various deserted environments

These places are not completely empty, however. They are full of AI bots who were programmed to protect the area from trespassers. Needless to say, they won't take kindly to you plundering their territory. That means alongside solving various puzzles – most of which involve trying to reach certain platforms – you’ll also have to try and avoid these AI robots.

It seems most of your time in Doomsday Vault will be spent moving objects from place to place. For example, you can align boxes to make a bridge to cross a gap that you otherwise won’t be able to. Alternatively, some levels will have Carbon Eaters that you have to collect and move to the appropriate places to restore power to them.

Doomsday Vault Ios Featured
Move boxes around to create bridges

The controls are simple enough. You control your robot to move in straight lines by holding and dragging on the screen. When you need to rotate, there’s an on-screen button for that. Controller support is also available if you prefer that as well.

Doomsday Vault is now available on Apple Arcade. This game subscription service from Apple currently has a monthly fee of £4.99 (Rs 460) and offers access to tons of awesome games. For more information, check out our previous coverage.