It looks like someone at Square Enix forgot to clean the code in the demo version of the game. Just shortly after the database leak, a 45 minutes demo for the game was also leaked from unofficial sources. Because it was unofficial, after a bit of data mining, a lot of information has been revealed, from music to event spoilers. While this game is just a remake and everything has already been revealed, looks like Square Enix is going to expand the story for quite a bit.

Reports revealed that some users managed to get the demo ahead of the public launch using a spoofed IP address, in combination with a modded PS4.

Overall, not much was changed comparing to the E3 demo, except for a few sequences in which the Shinra Corp villains commenting on the heroes’ recent actions. The combat system is still the same: a modded version of FF 15 that was built on Unreal Engine 4. Below are the extra contents that were unearthed from the Demo.

Screenshot 2551 1440x810
The demo ends with a mild tease for the rest of the content

Four hours of music were extracted from the package, which was just for the first chapter of the game alone. The volume of the files is rather inflated, as there are just too many repeat files, along with jukebox versions. Looks like these are the tracks that would be played on the game’s cars and bars.

Next are the files – as the game is made on Unreal Engine 4, some of the packages can be opened, with animations and models of characters such as Cloud. There is also a minigame folder which contains a dancing sequence of Cloud to avoid attacks from enemies.

Screenshot 2634 1440x810
The Shinra villains are watching over the protagonist

The game would probably be about 18 chapters long, with the first chapter, the demo, last for 45 minutes. In the text dump, there are also hints for dialogues from the full game.

Various references to AMD and Nvidia hardware along with resolutions and framerates are also mentioned – it is likely that Square is planning for a PC release in the far future. The rest of the leaks are about character models, designs, backgrounds and spawn locations.

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