Respawn Entertainment has just added a new gun into their game Apex Legends. And of course, this gun looks really cool. This is the first gun added to the game after the release date of the game.

The new gun is called Havoc. This is a rifle that uses energy ammo and has some interactions with the game’s pre-existing mods. Many gamers who have played Titanfall series (also by Respawn Entertainment) believe this Havoc is inspired by the famous Havoc Rifle from the Titanfall series.

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Apex Legends Havoc

Respawn Entertainment started hinting about the new gun through a tweet from Apex Legends’ official Twitter account. Although in the first tweet there was only a 9-second clip with some small images of the gun, the caption of the clip revealed quite a lot about the gun since it said “cry havoc”. Also, some Alex Legends players on Reddit claimed that they hear Bangalore says “If you have a Havoc or a Prowler” when they ping to the select-fire hop-up.

Now the gun has officially been introduced to the game, so we can know for sure how it works. The gun has more than one form of shooting. The Havoc can shoot in fully auto mode and this is the default mode of the gun – Turbocharger mode. This mode uses energy ammo. The second mode of the gun is Selectfire Receiver mode, and in this mode, the Havoc is a single-shot variant that fires like a sniper rifle. This charge beam shot by the Havoc in this mode is hitscan — meaning the shot has no travel time in the game (in other words, the enemies can’t dodge your bullet by quick moves after you have shot). Respawn Entertainment has also post a one-minute clip on a tweet on their official Twitter account.

Like all other Apex Legends weapons, the Havoc has new skins for players to buy or open from Apex Packs. The gun is officially available now in the game on all platforms of the game: PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One.

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In-game image of Apex Legends Havoc