The Fortnite World Cup duos has come to an end with many astounding fights between the best players in the world. The winners are two teens nyhrox and aquaa, who will take home a sweet $3 million for the first place. However, what was even more remarkable in this tournament was that the 15-year-old player, Jaden “Wolfiez” Ashman, used a controller to compete and got second place.

Jaden Ashman with his mom at the Fortnite World Cup

In all FPS games, a mouse and a keyboard are standard equipment that every player needs because they give us the ability to move and aim with great speed and accuracy. Even with aim-assist, aiming with joysticks is still incredibly hard, which is why the controller was never an option for pro players even if it was allowed.

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Playing FPS games with a controller has always been considered as a disadvantage

In Fortnite World Cup, players were allowed to use Epic-issued Logitech mice or standard Xbox One console controllers, as well as Scuf Vantage controllers so Wolfiez went with that option and he proved that everyone was wrong. However, there are some people who think that having aim-assist enabled for controller players actually gave them a big advantage and it wasn't fair for other players.

Before the Fortnite World Cup, Wofliez used to have trouble with his parent for playing video games too much, like every other kid. At one point, his mother even threw his Xbox away after an argument. Luckily, she now understands his career choice and wants to support his professional Esports player path. Along with his partner, Rojo, Wolfiez won $2.25 million (~Rs 155 Crore) for taking the second place in Fortnite World Cup duos.