The players have begun a protest against Fortnite under the hashtag #RIPFortnite on the social network Twitter to complain about the current state of the title, which is not to the liking of some of the oldest community of the hit game of Epic Games.

The truth, however, is that it does not seem that they have been organized particularly with the intention of demanding changes or improvements in the game because there is an evident lack of specificity in their comments and demands.

Fortnite players are divided between #RIPFortnite and #ThankYouEpiGames

As usual, the Twitter community has been divided between those who criticize the game and those who defend it, which has increased the popularity of this hashtag on the social network.

fortnite players protest #ripfortnite
Let's be honest there will always be loyalists and detractors in any game

Among the messages that oppose the current state of the game we can find an important part of users who regret that the title is offering a matchmaking system based on skill, which they consider has turned the game into a more focused experience on how competitive you are in games for fun.

Another of the recurring criticisms among the community is that there have been problems with the servers, something that is almost certainly due to the saturation of the connections as the number of players multiplies as a result of the confinement orders and quarantines in progress in multiple countries following the coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic.

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The colorful cartoony battle royale game is still a major force

Of course, there is no shortage on Twitter of messages that bet on a humorous but tremendous tone to spice up the conversation, as those who claim that the game is dead:

And there are the memes:

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