Skybolt Zack is definitely not a game for the faint of heart. This upcoming rhythm action game from DEVS MUST DIE will put your reflex to the test at every turn as you dash and punch your way through legions of foes at a lightning-fast pace. It’s pure hectic fun, and it is arriving on PC and Nintendo Switch later this month on the 24th of October. Check out the game’s trailer below:

To commemorate the upcoming release of the game, publisher Green Man Gaming is currently running an interesting “crowd scoring” reward demo. Every player who participates in this demo will add their score to a total pool. The higher this overall score gets, the more rewards players will get. This demo is available right now – though it is a Steam exclusive – and it will last until the 20th of October. For more details, head over to Skybolt Zack’s page on Steam.

Skybolt Zack
A demo is available now on Steam

Skybolt Zack actually started out as a student project that took several months to assemble. However, 4 members from the original team later decided to expand on the idea and turn it into a fully-fledged, highly-polished game.

The combat requires you do create powerful combos by pressing the button that has the same color as the enemy you are attacking. It is very straightforward but at the same time incredibly satisfying, and the music seems to be in sync with your combos as well, which adds to the overall feel. The levels, meanwhile, are non-linear, allowing you to take different routes to reach the end. Of course, they are littered with plenty of challenges besides the enemies as well, such as spike traps or pitfalls.

Skybolt Zack Gameplay
Hectic and fun action

As mentioned, Skybolt Zack is hitting the Nintendo Switch eShop as well as Steam on October 24th. If you are interested, you can try the demo right now by going to its Steam page!