Originally launched all the way back in 2012 for PC, the action game Cursed Castilla – also known as Maldita Castilla in certain parts of the world – managed to achieve decent success thanks to its Ghosts and Goblin-inspired gameplay. The game has since made its way to pretty much every platform except mobile. That is going to change soon, however, as Cursed Castilla is set to hit iOS on the 24th of this October. Check out its trailer below:

Cursed Castilla puts you in the shoes of Don Ramiro, who is ordered by King Alphonse VI to vanquish any demon that poses a threat to the realm of Tolomera. And that will be quite a daunting task, as an ancient demon has managed to unlock the gates of hell and unleash armies of darkness upon this once-peaceful land.

Throughout the game, you'll get to battle several monsters coming from European folklore, including Ojáncanu, Malismo, Moura, and Nuberu. Yes, these are very strange names and chances are most people won’t be familiar with them, but then again, that’s all the more reason for picking up Cursed Castilla. It is a great game to learn more about other cultures.

Cursed Castilla Bosses
The game features many characters from European folklore

The game features a total of 8 stages with 48 types of enemies and 19 distinct bosses to overcome. There are 4 different endings as well and which one you get depends on how you perform during the missions, so if you are a completionist, expect to replay the game several times.

Cursed Castilla Levels
8 stages with plenty of enemies and bosses to overcome

As seen from the trailer above, controls will be done via virtual buttons. However, Cursed Castilla will also come with support for MFi controllers at launch. Moreover, you can also opt to play it in either portrait or landscape orientation. Clearly, the developer has put a lot of effort into giving players as many options as possible, which is always a nice thing to see.

Cursed Castilla is coming to iOS on October 24th and if you are interested, you can head over to the App Store to pre-order it right now. It’ll be a premium release priced at £3.99 (Rs 350).