Fans of Sonic the Hedgehog-like games and Freedom Planet specifically will have another chance to dive into the world of Avalice! The indie developer GalaxyTrail has announced that Freedom Planet 2 - the sequel of the 2014's title - is coming to PC and Mac soon!

Along with this announcement, GalaxyTrail also released a new three-minute trailer for their self-published title. The trailer showcases some features of the Adventure Mode in Freedom Planet 2, which you can see below:

The story of Freedom Planet 2

In Freedom Planet 2, you'll welcome the return of our three furry heroes and a new friend to save the day. To be more specific, an ancient threat has risen from deep down of the ocean, and driving the three kingdoms of Avalice to the edge of destruction. It's Merga - the ancient aqua dragon that has caused a lot of problems in the land's most brutal war a long time ago.

Freedom Planet 2 Release A New Adventure Mode Trai
The three cute heroines has to strike again to stop Merga

The collapse of Kingdom Stone has freed the dragon from her crystal cage. Now, Merga is trying to bring the war back to the peaceful land by resurrecting Bakunawa - a superweapon that Merga will use to revenge the Avalicians and purify the world.

Freedom Planet 2 Release A New Adventure Mode Trai
Merga is trying to bring back its ultimate weapon - Bakunawa

Our heroes have to put a stop to this, but this time, they're not from the same sides anymore. Will their friendship lead them through this chaos and stand against the wicked mighty dragon?

A new character, a new story!

Freedom Planet 2 will keep the best gameplay features from its predecessors, and putting you into a completely new adventure. To be more specific, the furry heroines - Carol the Wildcat, Lilac the Dragon and Milla the Hound will return and have to stop the evil again, but they'll also receive help from a new friend: Neera the Frost Knight. All of those four characters will be available right from the start.

Freedom Planet 2 Release A New Adventure Mode Trai
The crew are back with the help of a new friend

Together, the crew will head onto their journey in the vibrant pixelated world of Avalice, meeting over 100 animal NPCs here to learn about the story. At the same time, you'll also adventure through the vast landscape, collecting treasures and fighting hostile enemies on the way to protect the lands.

Gameplay features

The platforming experience in Freedom Planet 2 is very fascinating, in which you'll gain momentum by moving through slopes. The movement and animation of the characters are very cute and vibrant, which you will enjoy running and collecting gems to buy potions for your journey.

Freedom Planet 2 Release A New Adventure Mode Trai
The fast pace in this game feels very satisfying

The potions vary from many colors and ingredients, which will boost the heroines' power in many ways. For example, you can make their shield last longer, or run faster, or strike harder! Additionally, you can equip yourself with amulets and charms, which grants you certain power boosts for battles or drops boost for collecting crystals.

Lastly, the combat in this game is quite similar to the first title in the series, but the developer Galaxy Trail has packed something new in.

Freedom Planet 2 Release A New Adventure Mode Trai
The combat in Freedom Planet 2 is quite the same with the first game, but with new features!

First of all, you'll have a brand new Guard button, which allows you to completely block the enemies' attacks. However, it requires you to precisely time the attack to be able to negate the attacks. But if you're not too confident in your timing, there's an Autoguard item which will make your character automatically blocks the strikes. Basically, it's a cheat item but only lasts for a while.

And the second and also the best feature is the Revival mechanics. Specifically, if your HP reaches zeroes, you can add one digit to it by paying a heap of gems, making your heroine live again. However, only a small tickle from a single enemy is enough to make you hit the ground again, so use it very carefully to secure your victory in intense battles.

Freedom Planet 2 Release A New Adventure Mode Trai
Take your last chance traded with wealth to defeat your enemies

Freedom Planet 2 has a total of 3 play modes, including the Adventure Mode, the Classic Mode, and the Battlesphere Arena. The Adventure mode is basically a story mode, while the Classic Mode quickly gets you to any stages without progressing, and the Battlesphere Arena is where you'll fight your enemies and bosses again, but with new surprises.

Freedom Planet 2 Release A New Adventure Mode Trai
You can enjoy this game in three play modes

Free demo is out now

Freedom Planet 2 is still under development and doesn't have a specific release yet. At launch, Freedom Planet 2 will be available for PC and Mac.

However, the developer doesn't leave us waiting without anything, as they've released a free demo of the game. You can grab it both through Steam or via the game's official site.