At the start of this month, we've informed you about a quirky-looking simulator hybrid - Garden Story. However, the first announcement of the game only gives a vague release date for mobile devices.

But today, the developer Picogram has added PC to its support platforms list. Here's the trailer of the game, and you can see it below:

F0llow the purple apple on his purifying adventure

The story of Garden Story doesn't change much since our first article about the game. However, in case you don't want to find it, here's the summary on the game's story.

In this game, you'll take control of Concord - the new protector of the green village that has just received his duty. However, the village is being spoiled by the Rot - a dangerous disease that's spreading over the very ecosystem of the island.

Garden Story For Pc Announced 7
I don't know what Concord is!

Therefore, the purple guardians will start to be busy now, as he would have to assist the troublesome neighbors and find a cure for the disease. For example, Concord will have to take care of the gardens to provide a healthy environment for the plants to grow up. Meanwhile, Concord can find some mysterious locations to unravel the secrets behind the Rot.

Garden Story For Pc Announced 1
Concord will be extremely busy

Lucky for him, he won't have to solve all of this problem alone. The villager that you help will return to help them back. Doing good things always pays off, right!

About the gameplay of Garden Story

Accordign to the developer, Garden Story is a hybrid title that contains elements from both the adventure RPG and the social sim genres. Basically, you'll have to solve puzzles to find a cure for the disease while planting, fishing, and gardening.

Garden Story For Pc Announced 6
It's the mixture of puzzle-solving and life simulation

To be more specific, you'll explore and garden through all four regions in the game. From there, you'll meet new friends, complete their request and tighten your relationship with them. To return, they'll help you with some side works in the future.

Garden Story For Pc Announced 3
Make friends with other villagers

Further grinding through the game, you'll have chances to upgrade your equipment. It will come in handy later to take care of your home and unveil the secret behind the Rot.

Release date and supported platforms

VIZ Media and Rose City Games are going to release Garden Story for both PC and Mobile. The game will come out at some times in Spring 2020.

In case you might forget it, go to its Steam page and add the game to your wishlist to receive the notification when it comes out.