Minecraft Sea Pickle is a special underwater block emitting light. You can pick this block undersea to use for many purposes. Let's learn how to get and use this block in Minecraft 1.20 here.

#1. How To Get Minecraft Sea Pickle

A Sea Pickle is an underwater block that emits light. When a sea pickle stands alone, its light is dimmer than other light-emitting blocks. Therefore, you need to collect as many sea pickle blocks as possible to put them in groups to boost the illumination. Here are ways to get Minecraft sea pickle blocks.

  • Trading

You can purchase sea pickle blocks from wandering traders that cost 2 emeralds each block. These wandering traders will spawn randomly. 

Find a wandering trader to buy sea pickle blocks.
  • Collecting

You can dive into the warm ocean biome to get naturally generated sea pickle blocks. They often spawn in a group of four blocks on the top and bottom of coral reefs and coral blocks.

Some sea pickle blocks can be found in desert village houses. They are used as decorative blocks inside those houses.

Warm Ocean Coral Reef
Explore coral reefs to find and farm sea pickle blocks in Minecraft.
  • Growing

Minecraft players can grow more sea pickle blocks underwater at sea by using bone meal. Craft a bone meal and bring it to an underwater place where you find a living sea pickle, place it on the top of the sea pickle block, and let it generate one to three new sea pickle blocks around it.

Minecraft sea pickle block does not need light to grow. It will not re-grow naturally without the bone meal after being collected. 

Grow Sea Pickle
You can use bone meal to grow and multiply sea pickles.

#2. How To Use Minecraft Sea Pickle

Minecraft sea pickle blocks can be used as decorative blocks. You can place four blocks of sea pickle on a solid block. Place these underwater light-emitting blocks around your underwater structures for decoration. For example, place some groups of these blocks on the bottom of your pond and grow some aquatic flowering plants to create a stunning landscape on your farm. 

But these sea pickle blocks won't emit light if you put them out of water. Keep in mind that they only light up underwater.

Sea Pickle Blocks
You can use sea pickle blocks to decorate your underwater bases.

Moreover, it's the major ingredient in the crafting recipe of Lime Dye. After collecting the sea pickle, put it into the top slot of the furnace with any fuel to craft it. Lime Dye is an essential material for many purposes, such as:

  • Dye wool of sheep, dye collars of tamed cats and wolves;
  • Craft firework star;
  • Create the fade-to-color of firework;
  • Stain or dye leather armor, Shulker boxes, beds, glass, terracotta, etc.
  • Dye water;
  • Craft concrete powder;
  • Craft glow sticks and balloons;
  • Change the sign's text color.
Dyed Shulker Boxes
You can use Lime Dye to dye Shulker boxes.

Minecraft sea pickle is a must-have base material for many items in this game. Moreover, you can use them to decorate your underwater structures. 

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