If you are even a little interested in technology in general and what is going on with Google in particular, there is no way that you don’t know about the famously rumored streaming service named Yeti. If you do know about it and are patiently waiting for updates about its progress, then you can rejoice, as the rumor has become official. The Internet behemoth Google has finally publicized Project Stream.

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This project is predicted to be able to help its users worm through the numerous troublesome streaming platforms and be able to stream directly to the Google Chrome Internet browser. They have decided that Assassin Creed’s Odyssey, which will be launched this Friday, will be the first game supported by this new feature.

In a recently published blog post, Google stated that they have been diligently working on Project Stream for quite some time. They believe that the Project Stream is a test in the technical field that can help us take care of the hardest challenges that streaming as we know it has ever had.

In the very same blog post, Google also revealed that they have partnered with one of the most popular game developers that were known for their graphically demanding games, Ubisoft. They will test the limits by using a blockbuster game, which has always been known as one of the most difficult challenges when one stream.

For anyone who has registered and be lucky enough to get accepted into the beta test, they can start playing Odyssey in their browsers through a desktop or a laptop by Friday. Google has stated that they are keeping an eye out for ones who have the speed of more than or equal to 25 megabits each second.

This is just like the prediction that has been made a long time ago, this project is only to simulate the appetite for the imminent glorious entrance to gaming that Google has been planning.

Now, what exactly is the Project Stream? Like the way Nvidia’s GeForce Now operates, the Project Stream would put the hard work, such as graphics rendering, on some beefy computers far away. Thus, even the cheapest of PCs can play some graphically demanding games. The most notable benefit of streaming comes from the fact that it eradicates the gamers’ needs for hardware batteries. There is no way downloads or discs can come close to that pro.

But the Google blog post still haven’t answered some pressing matters like input lag, latency, the possibilities of this project working as intended. All will be clear when Friday comes.