GTA 5 has consistently been the best sandbox RPG game on the market ever since its release back in 2013. One of the reasons for the game's longevity is that it is highly moddable. There are a lot of mods you can install on GTA 5, with some completely improve/change your gaming experience. In this article, we are going to list out the top 10 GTA 5 mods for PC in 2021.

Gta Vice City

Do keep in mind that when applying mods a lot of them fiddle with memory allocations, which may well be identified by Rockstar as cheating when it comes to going online.

1 - GTA Vice City Remastered

One of the best mods ever released for GTA 5, GTA Vice City Remastered is a complete recreation of Vice City from the 2001 game but in a modern era. The modder also added in a lot of original missions for you to enjoy, which almost makes this an expansion that Rockstar never made for GTA 5. A lot of new models and textures were created for this mod as well.

The mod was recently removed from by Rockstar. This is the reason behind the rumors that GTA 6 is going to be about Vice City in the modern day. To experience the full Vice City experience, you can also add in Tommy Vercetti with a separate mod.

2 - Redux

Redux is a graphics mod. It completely changes the world of Los Santos with lush 4k textures. From new weather to skies, buildings, cars and even water. Besides the visual overhaul, Redux also includes a reconfigured police system, tweaks to vehicle handling, more sophisticated NPC behavior, and improved weapon feel and behavior.

GTA 5 Redux
Redux is the best graphics mod amongst all GTA 5 mods for PC

3 - Realism Mod

The GTA Realism mod was developed to make the virtual world of Los Santos come alive, from its graphics to gameplay. It adds various smart details to GTA 5 gameplay to offers players a more natural experience.

From realistic bleeding effects when people get shot, bullets with real-time projectile drops to exchange flat tires with spares from inside your car trunk... There are just a lot of changes that are worth trying out.

4 - LSPD First Response

LSPD First Response transforms GTA 5 into a police game. With this mod, you will experience what it's like to be on the other end of a police chase. Your character will become a "first responder" in the LSPD, responding to robberies, car chases and dynamic crime events. To get started, just head to the police station and create a character.

GTA Police
You can actually play as a cop with this mod

5 - World of Variety

The base game of GTA 5 has stopped getting upgrades a long time ago, while its online portion, GTA Online, is still getting upgrades. However, you can't actually use the GTA Online vehicles in the offline version.

World of Variety changes that by adding vehicles and assets from GTA Online into the single-player version. This makes the world look and feels more alive and varied.

6 - ATM Robberies and Bank Heists

Players can satisfy their criminal cravings with the ATM Robberies & Bank Heists mod. They can now get free cash at any time by stealing from any of the 47 ATMs and 10 banks on the map. However, they need to successfully escape to a safe house to secure the haul. This is one of the best mods for realism amongst GTA 5 mods for PC.

You can rob banks
You can rob banks more frequently now instead of having to rely on story heists.

7 - GTA Open all interiors

GTA 5's Los Santos might be a large map, however, there are still a lot of "fill in" places that are closed off. Frequently you'll see huge facilities that look like they'll be explorable, only to walk up and discover their doors permanently locked.

This Open All Interiors mod solves that issue by making plenty of previously locked buildings explorable.

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8 - The Red House Missions and Heists

While GTA 5 is not exactly a small game, you can always make use of more missions, as they will run out eventually. The Red House adds more than twenty new missions including assassinations and gang clean-outs to the game, plus a new heist.

Red house
The Red House missions and heists are the best mission pack amongst GTA 5 mods for PC.

This is one of the best mission mods ever created for GTA 5. Their quality can even rival the base game's missions.

9 - GTA Basic needs

You can tune the realism up to eleven by the GTA Basic needs mod, which turns GTA 5 into a survival sim game. It adds some Basic needs to the game like eating and sleeping - you need to do these actions frequently otherwise your character would keel over and die.

10 - GTA Zombies

Zombies are a common mod for a lot of games, and GTA is not an exception. GTA Zombies allows you to fill the streets of Los Santos with hordes of flesh-eating undead, for round-based survival gameplay.

In this game mode, you would get bigger and bigger rewards for each successive wave of zombies you fend off.

Zombies GTA
Fight off the zombie apocalypse with the GTA 5 Zombies mod

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