GTA 5 Mission 45 - Caida Libre is the mission which two main protagonists of GTA V - Michael De Santa and Trevor Phillips receive from Martin Madrazo. This mission is quite difficult, considering how many objectives that we have to accomplish.

Consequently, you might get into some trouble completing the mission due to the fact that there are some restrictions while performing the action. In case you're having problems, follow our guide below to fulfill the task with Gold Medal achievement.

Here's the video showcasing the overall walkthrough of GTA 5 Caida Libre mission. You can have a look at it first, and then read our instructions later to get the details:

The story of GTA 5 Mission 45 - Caida Libre

In GTA V Caida Libre mission, the wealthy and powerful businessman - Martin Madrazo calls for Michael and Trevor to his house in La Fuente Blanca to do him a favor. His cousin - Javier is not scared of him anymore, and Madrazo needs him to be eliminated with the sensitive documents that he's holding.

Gta 5 Mission 45 Caida Libre Guide 2
Madrazo wants Michael and Trevor to kill his cousin

You'll help Madrazo through controlling both Michael and Trevor, each has their own mission. First, you'll take control of Michael, heading to the Galileo Observatory to find a heavy sniper rifle placed in a Burrito (a van). He'll have to use that to shoot down the small business jet (a Shamal) of Air Emu that's carrying Javier before he lands on Los Santos International Airport. As you're shooting from far away, the rifle shows a red box targeting the place you need to aims to make up for the distance. Michael needs to shot down the jet within 3 hits.

Gta 5 Mission 45 Caida Libre Guide 5
Aim for the red marker to precisely hit the engine of the jet

Once you've shot the engine of the Shamal, the plane will start to descend. From there, you'll switch control to Trevor, as he'll have to follow the plane to its crashing point. Trevor will have to get on the Sanchez to chase down the jet through various places to Sandy Shores. Once the airplane hits the ground, Trevor must get in, kill Javier and take back the documents.

Gta 5 Mission 45 Caida Libre Guide 9
Follow the plane, kill Javier and get the documents

After that, you'll come back to Michael, as he'll have to destroy the van to eliminate the proof. He'll have to drive the van to the area to an abandoned place and destroy the vehicle. However, on his way to Madrazo's place to meet Trevor and give the documents to Madrazo, Trevor has come up with a new idea.

They've decided to meet in another place at Stoner Cement Works, and Trevor has opened up about his idea of forcing Madrazo to pay more money. Michael doesn't agree with that at first, so they've quarreled each other. To convince his friend, Trevor opens up the trunk of his car and reveals that he has captured Patricia - Madrazo's wife. Now, Michael doesn't have any choice but following Trevor to his hidden place at Sandy Shores.

Gta 5 Mission 45 Caida Libre Guide 10
Trevor kidnapped Madrazo's wife

That's the end, and players will immediately switch to Franklin as the mission is completed.

All objectives of GTA 5 Mission 45 - Caida Libre

Caida Libre GTA 5 mission is a decently long mission, and it has a quite a lot of objectives. Here's the list of all the tasks you need to complete, along with the restrictions:

  • Head to the observatory (Michael): The place is quite far away from Madrazo's place, so you'd better grab a car on your way.
  • Find the van and get the rifle (Michael)

Gta 5 Mission 45 Caida Libre Guide 3
Find the heavy sniper rifle in the van

  • Fire at plane's engine (Michael): as I've mentioned, just shoot at the red marker that the rifle shows you, and you're good to go. Be mindful that you only have three shots, so be precise.
  • Chase down the plane and reclaim the documents (Trevor): This task requires Trevor to make at least one jumps, so keep your eyes on the road as well as the jet.

Gta 5 Mission 45 Caida Libre Guide 11
Trevor needs to pull out a jump with the Sanchez while chasing the plane

  • Shut Javier down forever (Trevor): Just give him a kind shot and let him go.
  • Head inside the burning plane (Trevor)
  • Drive the van out of the area (Michael)
  • Explode the van (Michael)

Gta 5 Mission 45 Caida Libre Guide 8
Explode the van and get back to Madrazo's house

  • Drive to Madrazo's place (Michael)
  • Skip your route and head to Trevor at the cement works (Michael)

Gta 5 Mission 45 Caida Libre Guide 7
Wait for Trevor at the new place

Although the list is no longer from many other missions, completing it does take a while. However, GTA 5 Caida Libre (Mission 45) is not too hard to finish either, which you can just follow the instructions of the game.

But if you're considering to get 100% completion to get the Gold Medal, follows our guide below tightly for the fastest and smoothest run.

How to get Gold Medal for GTA 5 Mission 45 - Caida Libre

GTA 5 Caida Libre has four requirements to get Gold Medal. You can check them down here:

  • Floor It - Reach top speed on the Sanchez. You'd want to do this anyway since the mission requires you to perform a jump with the Sanchez. The only thing you need to watch out is don't get yourself off track, or you won't be able to drive fast.
  • Glued to the Seat - Don't fall off the Sanchez during the chase. Again, don't get yourself off track, or you might bounce yourself out of the bike. And remember, even you do this on purpose, it will immediately fail your quest.
  • One Two Three - Shoot the engine of the plane within three shots. You can use Michael's special ability to slow down time to get a proper aim. However, you can only use it in your first shot, so you'll have to rely on your skills with the two remaining ones if the first one is missed.

Gta 5 Mission 45 Caida Libre Guide 4
Use Michael's special abilities at the first shot to hit the engine easier

  • Mission Time - Complete the mission in 9:45. As usual, skipping all of the cutscenes will help you tremendously. You can also speed up your run using a Fusilade on the road to get to the Observatory - which is much faster than Michael's car. You can even take a helipad at the left path of the parking lot for the fastest run, but you won't need to be that fast though.


Above is our full guide on how to complete and how to get Gold Medal for GTA 5 Mission 45 - also known as GTA 5 Caida Libre mission. Don't forget to check our guides on other missions as well!