Being one of the unique features in GTA 5 and GTA Online, playing as an animal is an extraordinary experience that you should at least give it a try. Once being under the animal skin, finding some Peyote plant is an interesting mission to challenge yourself. In this article, we’re going to introduce all the possible locations where you can find the GTA 5 peyote plant locations.

Peyote Plant In Gta 5

What is the Peyote plant in GTA 5

Being named after a real species of cactus, the Peyote plant contains psychoactive properties that play as a hallucinogen and give your body the same effect as weeds. After eating the plan, players will find themselves moving around in the body of a random animal. They even have the ability to fly if they are birds.

In fact, each Peyote will turn players into a different type of animal. If you pay attention to the tiny plant, you will hear the echoing sound of the animal you’re about to turn into. The delusion will come to an end if the player dies to go underwater.

Peyote Locations GTA 5

There are totally 27 peyote plants being shattered at different locations in the map. Here are all the locations where you can find the magic plant to unleash the animal inside.

Peyote Locations on land

  1. North Point, Paleto Bay: next to a bench in the middle of the North point Trim Track park
  2. Mount Chiliad: One can be found next to the Bells End sign on the summit and another on the Northeastern face of the mountain
  3. Mount Gordo: on the bank of the lake in the Yoga mat
  4. Raton Canyon: on the top of an outcrop and one more right next to the East Alamo observatory
  5. Mount Josiah: Go to the valley mountain, the peyote is just around
  6. Two Hoots Falls: on top of an outcrop in the center valley
  7. Grand Senora Desert: one on the sideroad of the oil rig dirt road and another at the southwest ò the farmhouse on the Redwood Light Track
  8. Pacific ocean: Around the military hardware wreckage, on the east ò the Barracks OL skeleton
    Peyote Plant In Gta 5 2
    All GTA 5 peyote plant locations
  9. RON Alternates Wind Farm: at the north border of the site
  10. Galileo Park: next to the hiking trail in the picnic zone
  11. Vinewood Hill: right close to the drain in between Sheldon Avenue and Hillcrest Avenue. You will also find another peyote in the Beaver Bush Ranger Station, just seek for it around the east side of the area
  12. Gentry Manor Hotel: you can only reach the rooftop of the hotel where peyote can be found with a parachute or helicopter
  13. Mirror Park: on the back porch of a cottage in the Nikola area
  14. El Burro Heights: on the side of the road, opposite the parking zone
  15. Vespucci Beach: get yourself a helicopter to land on the top of the Venetian Hotel
  16. Greenwich Parkway: on the sideway of a bus carcass

Peyote Locations underwater

  1. Paleto Bay: Between the submerged wreck and an archway
  2. Alamo Sea: Go underwater and you will find the Peyote location GTA 5 in the northwest corner of the gulf
  3. Pacific Ocean: Right at the river door of the Lago Zancudo river. Spot out a sunken rowboat as the peyote can be found in the surrounding area. Another one in place on the east shore of an isolated island next to the noose center. Get yourself a boat if you want to come here.
  4. Del Perro Pier: go to the end of the wharves and dive into the water
  5. LSIA: on the east side of the location, at the conjunction of Los Santos Port and airport warehouse.

Above are all GTA 5 peyote plant locations you need to know to find the plant and experience a hype. Visit our website for more interesting information about GTA 5 and other popular open-world games.

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