Here are the seven best GTA 5 story missions with the most attractive rewards and best plots. These missions have many exciting actions and a lot of rewards. Check them out here with

#1. The Big Score

This story mission is one of the funniest and most fruitful missions in the GTA 5 story mission list. It's the best and biggest heist in this legendary role-playing game. It's also the final heist in this game. Rockstar saved the best for last. Your mission is robbing the Union Depository to steal a large amount of gold that worths $2.01 Crore.

The Big Score
The Big Score's obvious approach.

You have two ways to approach this heist, including loud and quiet approaches. If you choose the quiet approach, your crew will steal the gold quietly and subtly. You will have two armored cars to steal the gold and escape to a car park. After passing an epic shootout, you will escape in four modified Gauntlets.

Or else, you can choose the loud approach. It's harder than the quiet approach because you have to combat more during this mission. While Michael and Franklin have to get to the car park on foot, Trevor will find the helicopter to take the gold worthing $1 Crore to the railway and drop the gold crate onto the moving train. As the loud approach has more exciting action scenes, more GTA 5 players choose the loud approach to complete this mission. After completing this mission, you will get $20k for each robber.

#2. The Bureau Raid

GTA V story missions that a lot of players like. The fifth heist was designed based on a mission in the famous movie titled Mission Impossible. Its plot is pretty like the story in that movie. Two protagonists Michael and Franklin will do this heist mission.

The Bureau Raid
The Bureau Raid is the 5th heist in this game.

You will switch to control these characters to fight their ways and escape the building. The setup, planning, and plot of this heist are amazing and exciting. However, you can complete this mission quickly because it has few objectives to do. You can take a short break and have fun with the Bureau Raid before entering other tense and hard missions.

#3. The Jewel Store Job

 GTA 5 story mission is the first heist in this action game. This fun and interesting heist will introduce to you many new exciting heist features, such as hiring crew members and choosing heist approaches. Firstly, you also need to select an approach to complete this heist in two different ways.

The Jewel Store Job
The Jewel Store Job is the first heist in this game.

If you choose the quiet approach, you have to knock down the security guards and staff to enter the store. Then, change the clothes to sneak into the store and steal jewels. In contrast, players choosing the loud approach have to use weapons to break the doors and enter the jewel store. After looting precious jewels, you have to flee from the store before the alarm goes off. The escape is the most exciting part of this heist. You will flee into Los Santos sewers to escape on a bike.

#4. Blitz Play

In GTA missions story mode, Blitz Play requires you to play all three protagonists of this game, including Michael, Franklin, and Trevor. However, they will do different missions by themselves. Make sure that you get enough supplies for all three characters before doing this mission.

Blitz Play
You will engage in many exciting shootouts during the Blitz Play mission.

Franklin will drive a tow truck to ram the armored truck over and blow off the door to take the case away. Then, cops will come from all directions and you have to engage in the most exciting shootouts in this game. Take those cops down to escape. Franklin and Michael will fight to take the cops on the ground down while Trevor will stay on a nearby rooftop to fight off snipers around.

#5. Mr. Phillips

It's one of the most interesting GTA 5 story missions that will bring Trevor to this game. This mission has many sexual and violent scenes. Moreover, some action scenes are pretty gory. That's why Rockstar put an age restriction in this game.

Mr Phillips
This mission is pretty gory and violent.

This mission takes place on the sandy shores of Los Santos. You will control Trevor to crush the head of an old protagonist and take down his competitors. Besides, you have to chase and kill some Lost MC members on a truck. To get a Gold Medal in this mission, you should skip all cutscene to complete it within 30 minutes. The cutscenes are pretty long.

#6. The Paleto Score

You will do this mission in Paleto Bay, a small town far to the north of Blaine County. You will get this mission from the FIB that requires you to raid the central bank of this town. As the protagonist of this mission, you need to hire a gunman to do this heist with your crew. It's not very simple as you think.

The Paleto Score
The Paleto Score mission takes place in Paleto Bay.

After entering the targeted bank, you have to take some hostages and start to loot money. The cops will arrive while you are looting money insides the bank. Then, the hardest and most exciting part of this mission is trying to escape with the money. The cops will use some heavy weapons to chase and capture you. So, you need to drive and dodge rockets. After running through the Cluckin’ Bell factory, your crew will jump onto a train to escape.

#7. The Merryweather Heist

It's the second heist in this game. It's also the first heist that Trevor joins Franklin in GTA 5. This heist also offers you quiet and loud approaches to do this mission. In the quiet approach, players have to dive into the ocean and find a secret device. Or else, your crew needs to attack Merryweather freight when you choose the loud approach. But both these choices lead to a result. The most interesting part of this mission is diving into the ocean to seek the lost device when selecting the silent approach.

The Merryweather Heist
The Merryweather Heist's quiet approach.

Those are the seven most interesting GTA 5 story missions. To update the latest GTA V game news as well as more tips, tricks, and reviews for gamers, let's visit our website.