The GTA Online Festive Surprise event is here, and it comes with new collectibles, gameplay elements, missions, and much more. Amongst them, the snowmen collectibles are probably the most valuable, as Rockstar is giving away an extremely rare Snowman outfit as a reward. Similar to the previous pumpkin event on Halloween, players need to find and destroy all snowmen on the map.

If you are struggling to find them, check this guide to find out more about the locations of all 25 snowmen in GTA Online.

Map of Snowmen locations in GTA Online Festive Surprise

The snowmen are scattered across pretty much the whole island of Los Santos. Players would need a fast-flying vehicle in order to reach them all and save travel time. When you find a Snowman, you’ll need to run them over with a vehicle or blow them up with a grenade or shotgun. It takes only one hit to destroy a snowman.

Gta Online All Snowmen Locations Map
There are 11 snowmen on the Blaine County map.

Additionally, it is reported that sometimes the game would not register when players destroy a snowman. This is a bug and players need to leave the area and return later when the Snowman respawns. Therefore, checking the count after destroying a snowman is a must - missing one and forgetting might force you to try the whole thing again.


Once the final snowman is destroyed, a message will appear on the top left part of the screen, unlocking the new Snowman outfit. GTA Online players can find this outfit inside their wardrobes.

Gta Online Snowman Locations E1671715492570
The snowman outfit in GTA Online

The Festive Surprise update will also reward them with a grand total of $125,000. That's not counting the additional cash and reputation earned by destroying the snowmen individually.

Don't forget about the other holiday activities

Login event

Santa really outdid himself this holiday season. Log in anytime this week to receive a bushel of gifts, including the Candy Cane, plus additional supplies and accessories to maximize the holiday chaos.

Candy Cane weapon in GTA Online

Fight the Gooch to get its mask

Crime certainly spikes around the holidays: everyone’s flush with gifted cash, after all. So, beware of The Gooch, a nefarious opportunist now roaming the streets and lurking in the shadows, looking to empty the pockets of unsuspecting players while causing grievous bodily harm. Successfully fight off a surprise attack from this assailant before they strip you of your valuables to earn a little GTA$ bonus and The Gooch Mask.

The Gooch is based on the Grinch, a fictional character who really dislikes Christmas.

Weazel Plaza Shootout

The Weazel News holiday party has reportedly gone off the rails this year. Keep an eye on the sky above Weazel Plaza for robbers in a tense shootout with a LSPD helicopter. Get involved, strip the thieves of their wallet and pick up a brand-new weapon befitting of your vigilante heroics. Making sure the assailants are permanently silenced will also earn you a Season’s Greetings skin for the Pistol Mk II, that can be applied at any Weapons Workshop.

Featured Gta Weazel Plaza Shootout
A new event based on Die Hard, a famous Christmas movie.

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