In this age of creative bankruptcy, companies are trying to remaster old games and sell them to players a second time. There are good remasters like Mass Effect Legendary Edition or Demon's Souls, however, there are also blatant cash grabs ones. It is too early to tell if GTA Remastered Trilogy would be good or bad, but these leaks are alarming.

Here we got the newest leaks about GTA Remastered Trilogy to see if it is worth playing or not. Based on the previous leaks, this game is going to be released in November 2021.

Who made GTA Remastered Trilogy?

According to a supposed leaker on Reddit, fans should not expect GTA 5 or GTA 4 level of realism or details. Apparently, Rockstars is not patching the old games into the GTA 5 engine. They are just upscaling the original Renderware-made games into the Unreal 4 engine.

Gta Rockstar Trilogy Remaster Leaked
It makes sense that GTA Remastered Trilogy does not have much new content, as it is just a remaster, not a remake.

The remasters were developed by Rockstar's Studio Dundee, who used an internal tool from Epic Games to transfer the texture and rendering data from Renderware to Unreal 4. Rockstar was going to pick another engine but the fact that Epic has this tool sold it.

How will GTA Remastered Trilogy look?

Based on the leak, in short, we are going to get about the same graphics with slight enhancements to faces, better animations, and overall better lighting. Below are the details:

  • Models now have a high polygon count, everything looks clearer now with upscaled textures.
  • Animations in game are identical to the original version, however, cutscenes animations are improved. Models now have fingers instead of oven mitts for hands.
  • Added realistic facial animations.
  • Car damage is more dynamic. The car will be damaged at the point you hit instead of becoming a "damaged car" model.
  • The city will look exactly the same, with the same Ped AI.
Gta Remastered Trilogy Logos
The Logos of GTA Remastered Trilogy has also been leaked as well.

Is there any new content?

According to the leaks, there is going to be almost nothing new content wise. They are just adding in some of the skins from the later editions of the original games, alongside a "xmas" cheat code that covers liberty city in snow. Apparently, the developer has already stopped working on the game. They are now working on its mobile ports for a possible Q2 2022 release.

Controls are apparently better now. The leaker claims that Dundee has made huge enhancements to the dated shooting mechanics in GTA III -> San Andreas so that they feel more like IV and V. Shooting will have a free aim and auto aim mode. However, players can still change to the classic mode with the old lock on controls.

Interestingly, the leaker also reveals that the supposedly high launch price of $50 is just a placeholder. The 3 games will likely be 29.99 or $39.99.

GTA remastered
The three protagonists are going to get better facial animation... and that's about it.

Fans reactions

Overall, most fans of the series are voicing their concern about the pricing, as the previous leaked prices of $70 and $50 are too high. Most of them are also expecting much better graphics than usual, so many will be disappointed if this leak turns out to be correct.

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