FriendlyBaron, a streamer on Twitch, was doing a speedrun on GTA V single player last week. His car in the game suddenly stopped and his character just randomly got out of it and died. This was not a bizarre glitch but the action of a modder.

Earlier, FriendlyBaron had posted to Reddit about a modder harassing him and his friends on GTA Online. He now believes that this same modder had used modding tools and exploits to kill his character remotely in the speedrun. FriendlyBaron was not the first one getting the modded deaths. After all, he claimed that the same thing had happened to his two friends in story mode. In addition, another streamer was also killed in both creator mode and story mode.

If you aren't connected, you are safe

At first, I could not believe in the story. After all, how can a modder kill a character in story mode remotely? However, Rockstar had patched this exploit quickly, suggesting that someone had indeed done things they shouldn’t be able to. I have reached some members of the modding and data mining community of GTA to know more about the exploit. Doing this had led me to the surprising truth. This method to kill has been presenting in GTA V ever since its debut.

A trusted and popular GTA data miner, TezFunz, explained that modders had been using the tools built in-game to kill GTA V and GTA Online players for a long time. The “admin tools” are used to remove instantly unwanted players out of lobbies. They are usually utilized during events like live streams. However, that is not all they can do, as the tools can kill players or spawn vehicles in.

*WARNING* Modders can now kill you in singleplayer in GTA 5

The tools have been there since the day GTA debuted back in 2013. However, modders had not managed to use them as a way to kill story mode players. This feature only became available with the recent release of a tool that let modders get player’s ID of the Social Club. With this, modders can then use admin tools to get the game kill or kick any player.

The tools can only affect ones who are on the Social Club. Thus, you are safe if you are not online while playing the single-player mode.

The main reason modders were able to kill players

TezFunz said that the patch from Rockstar was done on all server and essentially stopped the tools from ever killing players. The game now ignores the kill commands sent by modders. He believed that the exploit is indeed blocked. However, he also warned that it will not stop hackers and modders from developing new mod tools and menus. Thus, this exact situation is certainly gone but other shenanigans still exist.

We have contacted the developer Rockstar to get more information on the exploit.