Earlier today, the minimum system requirements for Halo Master Chief Collection's Halo: Reach - the final Halo game that was developed by Bungie - was revealed, and it surprisingly is really light on the hardware. According to the publisher at 343 Industries, you won't need a strong PC to play this game, as they want the game to be playable on any type of computer, from 'state-of-the-art to potato computers'. After all, this is a game that was made in 2010 - which is nearly 10 years ago.

A screenshot from the game

Halo: Reach will be the first game that arrives to PC in the Halo: The Master Chief Collection. While this is a 'Legacy Collection' release, you can actually buy the games from the collection individually - aside from the 'full collection' buying option. And the minimum system requirements for the PC version of Halo: Reach has been revealed earlier today, on the Halo Waypoint blog post.

Below is the Minimum System Requirement for Halo: Reach:

3599466 Halo Reach Specs
Halo: Reach minimum system requirements - along with the AVG FPS to be expected

The above system requirements table, along with the expected average FPS, was made thanks to the Halo Insider Program, which records the performance of the game on a wide range of PC systems during the beta-testing phase. And of course, the requirements vary depends on what you want the graphics of the game to be like - with the 1080p and 4K requirements being significantly higher than the minimum specs.

According to the developers, the recommended system requirements will be available at a later date.

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The game will be released for PC via Steam

While the game is confirmed to be released on PC via Steam, the official release date of the game hasn't been confirmed yet.