Released by Epic Games on July 25, 2017, Fortnite has made its way to the top in the world of Esports. 2 years after release, Fortnite has fielded 507 Tournaments with a total prize money of $84,254,382, just enough to edge out CS:GO. Fortnite currently takes the second place in the list of Esports with highest prize money.

Fortnite Rake In 01
With catchy Battle Royale gameplay and friendly graphics, Fortnite quickly rose high in the world of Esports

Epic Games Store has raised a few eyebrows with the $30 million Fortnite World Cup Finals in New York earlier this July. Even the regional qualifier rounds were also packed with hundreds of thousand dollars on the line for each week’s competition. The Fortnite World Cup bragged a staggering total prize pool of $40 million, even surpassing the notorious $34 million The International 2019.

How could Epic Games Store afford to spend that much amount of money on organizing tournaments? Well, I have to say it was all within Epic Game Store’s calculation. They gained an even more staggering number than what they spent on Fortnite tournaments.

Fortnite Rake In 03
With good money on the line, Fortnite World Cup 2019 has attracted a great deal of public attention

How much has Fortnite made?

Though being free to play just like most Esports games out there, Fortnite has various ways of making money. It is mostly made through micro-transactions and subscription. It takes the form of skins and loots in-game and seasonal Battle Pass.

Fortnite Rake In 02
People would most likely spend money on luxurious skins in a game where millions of people play

According to a LendEDU survey, 70% of players in 2017 spent money on the game at an average of $84 each player. The mobile version of the game has made $445 million on the Apple App store up until 2018. Fortnite is still growing by bounds and leaps nowadays.

Fortnite Rake In 04
An average player would spend $84 on Fortnite

With a player base of around 10 million and consistent growth, this is quite understandable for a popular Esports title like Fortnite. According to Nielsen's SuperData data tracking, Fortnite alone raked in $2.5 billion in just 2018. This results in total revenue of Fortnite comfortably above $3 billion by now.