Minecraft The Wild update has finally been released, and along with it, a number of new and useful mobs. As Minecraft is a huge open world game, locating these new mobs can take a lot of time. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase how to find all new mobs in Minecraft 1.19 update so that you can skip the boring parts and have fun right away.

1. Frog

Frogs only spawn in swamp and mangrove swamp biomes, in groups of two to five. Players can find temperate frogs (orange) in swamps and warm frogs (white) in mangrove swamps.

Minecraft Frog

Swamp biomes are characterized by dark trees and grass, vines hanging from trees, and numerous bodies of water. You'll usually find them in ravines or as an extension of a forest biome. The mangrove swamp is a variant of the swamp biome that generates in warmer regions, usually next to jungles and deserts.

Players can try to find swamps manually, or by using the locate command if their world has cheats enabled.

2. Tadpole

A tadpole is a passive baby version of the frog. They mature into one of the three frog variants, depending on the biome in which they mature. Tadpoles do not spawn naturally - they hatch from frogspawns, which are created by breeding frogs. Just feed two frogs a slimeball - one of them would become pregnant and lay eggs (frogspawns), similar to turtles

Bucket Of Tadpole
Putting tadpole in a bucket is the easiest way to create different frog colors.

3. Allay

Players can spawn an Allay by using the spawn eggs inside creative mode. Otherwise, they spawn in the following locations:

Woodland Mansions

Players can find cage rooms on the ground floor of Woodland Mansions, which contain 4 cobblestone cages, each with 3 Allays trapped in them. Players can use the lever nearby to open the doors and free all of them. This means finding a mansion is the fastest way to get a big number of Allay all at once.

Just be careful when exploring mansions, as they are home to dangerous hostile mobs, including zombies, creepers, vindicators, pillagers... etc.

Allay In Game 1200x675
Imprisoned Allays in a cage.

Pillage Outposts

Similar to Iron Golems, Allays spawn trapped inside wooden cages around Pillager Outposts. Each cage can contain up to three Allays - just break the structure to let them escape. Afterward, they wander around to find dropped items. Players might want to deal with the pillagers first before getting the Allays, as they are fairly dangerous in number.

Allay Duplication

If the allay is given an amethyst shard while dancing, it will play a small amethyst sound, make a heart, and duplicate into another allay. This ability has a 2.5 minutes cooldown.

4. The Warden

The Warden is the signature monstrosity that spawns inside Deep Dark Caves, summoned by Sculk Shriekers. However, players can spawn it outside of the Deep Dark by activating a sculk shrieker block three times. To get a sculk shrieker blocks, players need to locate them in the Deep Dark and harvest them using a silk touch tool.

How to find the Warden in Minecraft

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