The upcoming 1.19 patch is going to be huge, with new biomes, items, mobs, and more. Amongst them, the most notable is the mangrove swamp, where the frogs are the main resident. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the 5 best uses for Frogs in Minecraft 1.19.

1. Decoration

Frogs are the first amphibious mob added to the game, and because of that, they are great for decorating the water part of your base. Players can get up to three frog variants, which are based on the current biome's temperature.

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Tadpoles are a separate mob from frogs.

They are a fairly lively mob, with the ability to jump 8 blocks high and take 10 less damage from falling than most other mobs. Occasionally, frogs may croak and inflate their vocal sac.

2. Making froglight

Frogs attack by using their tongue to pull certain mobs into their mouth, whereupon the mob instantly despawns. Froglights are rare light blocks created when frogs eat a small magma cube.

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Frogs eating magma cubes.

The type of froglight spawn depends on which type of frog attacked the magma cube; temperate frogs leave ochre froglights, cold frogs leave verdant froglights, and warm frogs leave pearlescent froglights.

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Froglights in Minecraft

Froglights have a smooth texture and are used as light sources. They emit light level 15, the highest level possible for a light-emitting block. They would be great decorative blocks for your base.

3. Farming slimeballs

Slimeballs are valuable crafting ingredients that can be used to create slime blocks and magma cream. Similar to how frogs create froglights, they create a slimeball after eating a small slime. This allows players to combine frogs with a slime farm to create a slimeballs farm, automatically.

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Frogs eating small slimes.

Slimeballs can also be used to make frogs enter 'love mode' and spawn tadpoles. Once the breeding is done, they will find a suitable place to lay their eggs in the water. After this, players will have to wait for a while till the eggs hatch into tadpoles.

4. Achieving new advancements

In the recent snapshot, Mojang has added a new advancement related to frogs into the update. It is called 'When the Squad Hops into Town' and can be achieved by getting all three types of the mob on a leash.

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Leashed frog.

Players can accomplish this by taking buckets of tadpoles to different biomes. Frogs growing in different temperatures would have different colors. Just put a name tag and leash on them to complete the quest.

5. Can be kept as a pet

While frogs can't attack other mobs like wolves do, players can still keep the derpy and cute mob as a pet. While they can't be tamed, it is fairly easy to just create a small fenced area to keep them around. Furthermore, players can also put nametags on them to prevent de-spawning.

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Feed it slimeballs to trigger love mode.

Unlike all other mobs with baby variants, the tadpole is treated by the game as a completely different mob from the frog.

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