While most mobs in Minecraft are weak and can be dispatched easily, there are a number of dangerous boss mobs such as the Ender Dragon or Wither. And with the new 1.19 patch in the horizon, the Warden is also going to be added to this roster. Before it, the Elder Guardian can also be considered a boss mob.

Therefore, carrying the right item to fight these dangerous enemies is crucial. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the 5 best items to use when fighting Minecraft boss mobs.

1. Enchanted Golden Apples

Enchanted Golden Apples are the most powerful buff items in Minecraft. It gives the players some of the most useful buffs in the game: Regeneration II for 20 seconds‌, Absorption IV for 2 minutes, Resistance for 5 minutes, Fire Resistance for 5 minutes.

Enchanted Golden Apples
Enchanted Golden Apples are the best food items in Minecraft 1.17

They can only be found in chests in desert pyramids, dungeons, woodland mansions and mineshafts. Enchanted Golden Apples are useful in PvP situations, boss fights and raids. You can also feed them to horses to increase your taming chances. Normal golden apples give a much weaker effect.

2. Potion of Strength

The strength potion is the easiest method of buffing damage, allowing players to mow down dangerous mobs when exploring. When going against boss mobs, players need as much damage as possible.

Minecraft PVP
Players can also use this potion in PVP

The best part about the Strength potion is that it is rather easy to craft, with the only requirement being nether wart and blaze powder. Players can create it as soon as they hit the Nether. While nether wart is easy to get, acquiring blaze powder can be tricky as it requires players to kill blazes.

3. Potion of Healing/Regeneration

Healing potions give you health instantly while regeneration potions give you health over a duration. Overall, Healing potions are just as good as Regeneration potions. These two potions have different purposes and each of them is better in a specific situation.

Minecraft Potions
Potion of Healing/Regeneration

When venturing into a dangerous area where you know there would be mobs, the potion of regeneration is better. You can just drink it in advance to get the effect in combat. Healing potions, on the other hand, need to be used in combat, which can be a distraction.

However, if you are taking a lot of damage because of a dangerous attack, a healing potion would be better to prevent the mobs from finishing you off.

4. Infinity bow

Bows are incredibly useful for the game’s two major bosses: the Ender Dragon and the Wither. The former can fly and the latter is very dangerous up close. This is why players need an Infinity bow. This enchantment allows players to use the bow without consuming any arrows. However, a single arrow is still required to fire.

Minecraft Every Bow Enchantment
Pump your foes full of arrows using an Infinity Bow

Arrows shot from an Infinity-enchanted bow cannot be retrieved if they land on the ground. This enchantment does not work with tipped arrows and spectral arrows - they are still consumed normally.

5. Milk

This might seem like a strange item choice, but milk in Minecraft is very useful. Dangerous mobs like the Wither or Elder Guardian can inflict annoying debuffs such as wither (decrease health over time) and mining fatigue (slow attack speed). By dinking milk, players can remove these buffs.

Milk Bucket

However, they still need to be careful, as milk also removes all positive buffs as well.

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