Building a base is very important in Minecraft. It allows players to settle down and get some protection against the environment, especially at night. Picking the right location for a base is crucial, as it reduce the time that players have to spend gathering resources. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the 5 best biomes for base building in Minecraft 1.19 update.

1. Old Growth Taiga

Old growth taiga or giant tree taiga is a colder counterpart of the jungle biome. Similar to jungle and dark forest biomes, old growth taiga generates at very high humidity values and is often surrounded by the regular taiga biome.

Minecraft Giant Tree Taiga
Old growth taiga is pretty much the normal jungle biome with the ability to grow mushroom.

It is a great biome to start and work into the endgame in Minecraft 1.18. There are large trees everywhere, which makes gathering wood a breeze. Furthermore, players can tame wolves for attack purposes and catch rabbits for rabbit farms. There are also podzol blocks that allow mushrooms to grow regardless of light levels.

2. Mushroom Field

This is the best biome to start in Minecraft for beginners, however, it is also one of the rarest biomes to encounter. Overall, it is best to look for a Mushroom Field seed on the internet. This biome spawns a unique mob called Mooshroom, which can provide mushroom soup when milked. Players can find villages here, alongside a lot of big mushrooms.

Mushroom biomes are filled with giant mushrooms, which are pretty good looking.

The best part about this biome is that it is completely peaceful. No hostile mobs can spawn here outside of mob spawners, both above and below ground. The only difficulty you might have here is the lack of wood, which can be solved by sapling and tree farms.

3. Plains Biome

Plains are temperate grasslands biomes. They are among the first biomes added to the game. There are two plains biome variants in the biome family. They are the second most common biome, with Forest being slightly more common. Overall, the biome is fairly convenient for base building, as the large expanses of unobstructed land make them perfect for large-scale building projects.

Plains is a decent choice if you are a completely new player.

The sunflower plains feature large numbers of sunflowers across their landscape, and are the only place where sunflowers may generate.

4. Stony Peaks

Stony peak is the third variant of mountain biomes, containing calcite strips, stone, and mounds of gravel. It has a high chance of spawning near warmer biomes like jungles or savannas. Players can find no animal mobs here outside goats. The grass and foliage in this biome have a unique vibrant light green tint.

Stony Peaks
Stony Peaks in Minecraft 1.18 might be the best biome to build a mountain base in.

5. Forest

Forest has lots of wood, which is a crucial resource for beginners. It is the foundation of many essential crafting recipes. While it requires a bit of terraforming, the trees make for good scenery and therefore definitely worth it.

Players can get a lot of building materials in the forest.

Just be careful at night, as the forest has a lot of hostile mobs and closed space. You might need to secure a method of travel to move around safely.

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