Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update is coming out on all platforms on June 7. It is going to bring a lot of changes and new content - amongst them, the Recovery Compass is probably one of the best. It allows players to locate the location they died and get their items back. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase how to craft and use the Recovery Compass in Minecraft 1.19.

1. How to craft a Recovery Compass in Minecraft 1.19

Players need 8 echo shards and a normal compass to create a recovery compass. Afterward, just place the normal compass in the middle of the crafting grid and surround it with echo shards.

Minecraft Recovery Compass Recipe 1024x576
How to make a recovery compass in Minecraft 1.19

Get a normal compass

The recovery compass is actually an upgrade of the normal compass. Therefore, you need to craft it first. Players need to place 4 iron ingots and redstone dust into the crafting grid in a cross shape, with the redstone dust in the middle.

Make Compass
How to make a compass in Minecraft

Additionally, a normal compass can be acquired from chests in Stronghold, Shipwreck, Village and Ancient City.

Get 8 echo shards

An echo shard is an item found in ancient cities which can be used to craft recovery compasses. They can be looted from Ancient Cities' chests. Each chest has a 29.8% to spawn 1-3 echo shards. Players would need to open about 5 chests on average to get enough shards for a compass.

Find ancient cities

If players are unlucky, they might have to visit several ancient cities to find shards. To locate the ancient cities inside deep dark biomes, players need to dig down to Y level 0, then mine sideways until they find the biome. Additionally, they are also often generated near caves, which means searching the naturally generated caves in the overworld can be a good idea.

Ancient City in Minecraft
Ancient City in Minecraft

2. How to use Recovery Compass in Minecraft 1.19

When held by a player, the recovery compass will point towards the spot where they previously died.

Beta19 2 16x9
Recovery compasses cannot be used on lodestones.

The recovery compass will only work when it is held by a player who has previously died and is in the same dimension where the player had died. Otherwise, it will spin around randomly. This is a big quality of life update for Minecraft, as previously players need to use "tombstone mods" to make their death location easier to find.

Tombstone Mod
Tombstone mod is the only way to locate your items before Minecraft 1.19 update.

These are the main differences between the recovery compass and a normal compass:

  • Like other items, it also drops from the inventory if the player dies.
  • Unlike a regular compass, the recovery compass works in all dimensions.
  • You don’t have to craft it before dying for it to work.

This means players should leave the recovery compass next to their respawn location (bed/respawn anchor) instead of carrying it around, as the compass would drop when they die.

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