The newly added Ancient City is going to be the most valuable structure to explore in Minecraft. It contains a lot of new blocks, treasures, enchantments, and brand-new items. However, locating them is an issue and sometimes you just don't have enough time to do that manually.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 6 best seeds for Ancient City in Minecraft 1.19, including the coordinates for key locations.

1. Stronghold in Ancient City (Java)

This is a rather special seed that might never get any duplication. It features an Ancient City with a complete stronghold inside it. Players can easily explore both and locate its chests, libraries and even the End Portal. After clearing out both locations, it is possible to modify them into an underground base.

Stronghold In Ancient City

  • Seed Code: -6542427500181432213
  • Ancient City Coordinates: -1036, -42, 1124
  • Spawn Biome: Beach

3. Ancient Dripstone City (Java)

This seed has a fusion of a dripstone cave inside a deep dark biome, with an Ancient City spawning inside them. This results in unique scenery, with the contrasting feature of two biomes fusing together. The Warden still appears in the City, even if you are in the dripstone caves biome. However, the hostile mobs from the cave might distract it so that you can escape.

Ancient Dripstone City

  • Seed Code: 2817169686383787731
  • Ancient City Coordinates: 488, -40, -600
  • Spawn Biome: Forest

3. 10 Ancient Cities in Deep Dark (Java)

Usually, a single deep dark biome can only spawn one Ancient City. This makes gathering unique drops pretty tedious, as you need to find the biomes multiple times. However, this seed has 10 ancient cities spawn inside a single large deep dark biome, creating a gigantic city complex. Players can head from one city to another to collect all the loot they want.

Ten Ancient Cities At Once

  • Seed Code: 5146159088207717555
  • Closest Ancient City Coordinates: -728, -44, -168
  • Spawn Biome: Plains

4. Stronghold next to Ancient City with Mineshaft (Bedrock)

This seed is similar to the previous stronghold seed, however, instead of spawning inside the City, the stronghold spawns above it. The two structures are connected by a Mineshaft. Players can clear out these three structures for valuable loot then rebuild them into a giant base, connecting ground level to the underground through the Mineshaft.

Ancient City With Strong Hold And Mineshaft

  • Seed Code: 3621868329803409107
  • Stronghold Coordinates: -1452, -30, -860
  • Ancient City Coordinates: -1448, -44, -632
  • Spawn Biome: Dark Forest

5. 19 Ancient Cities (Bedrock)

If you just want to explore ancient cities in Minecraft, this seed is probably for you. It spawns you in a world that has 19 Ancient cities within the first few hundred blocks of the spawn point. Some of the cities are identical while others merge into their surrounding biomes to create unique scenery.

19 Cities At Once

  • Seed Code: -2193811972289072796
  • Spawn Biome: Jagged Peaks

6. Find All Cave Biomes in 1 place (Bedrock)

This seed has a special cave biome that contains all three caves in the game. It begins in the deep dark cave, developed into dripstone caves, and finally, comes with elements from the lush caves.

All Cave Biomes At Once

  • Seed Code: 5114865292213250711
  • Ancient City Coordinates: 584, -44, 168
  • Spawn Biome: Taiga

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