Potions are special consumable items in Minecraft that players can use to get special status effects. There are 15 potions in the game and some of them are much more useful than the others. In this article, Gurugamer.com is going to showcase the 5 most useful potions in Minecraft Survival Mode.

1. Potion of Instant Healing

Potion of healing is one of the most useful potions in the game, keeping players safe during combats and world explorations. Using a potion of healing at the right time can save your life from dangers. There are 2 levels of this potion that heal 4 and 8 HP respectively.

Minecraft Potion Of Healing 1f36
Potion of Instant Healing

Additionally, they deal damage to undead mobs instead of healing them. Players can turn the normal potion into Splash and Lingering versions, which are effective against the undead. To brew potions of healing, players need awkward potions and glistening melon slices. Afterward, they can add glowstone dust to amplify its effect to level 2.

2. Potion of Regeneration

Potion of Regeneration also restores health to players, but they do that over a duration. When venturing into a dangerous area where you know there would be mobs, the potion of regeneration is better. You can just drink it in advance to get the effect in combat. It also deals damage to undead mobs the same way that Healing does.

011 How To Make A Regeneration Potion In Minecraft
Potion of Regeneration

Players can craft this potion using Ghast tear and awkward potion. Players can either lengthen its effect using redstone dust or amplify using glowstone dust.

3. Potion of Strength

Strength potion temporarily increases the melee damage of the player. In Java Edition, it increases damage by 3, with + 3 per tier. In Bedrock Edition, it increases damage by 130% each tier. The duration of the level 2 Strength potion is 180 seconds, more than enough to deal with the most dangerous mobs in Minecraft.

Melee combat in Minecraft
It is best to use this potion before a hard fight

To brew a strength potion, players only need blaze powder and awkward potion. The effect can be enhanced greatly with glowstone dust to +6 damage instead of +3.

4. Potion of Night Vision

With the Deep Dark region getting added to Minecraft 1.19, players can now explore the deep dark underbelly of the Minecraft world. The Deep Dark biome is going to have nearly no light, and its resident the Warden can even inflict a special Darkness status to make it even darker.

Minecraft Night Vision Potion
Potion of Night Vision

This is where the Potion of Night Vision comes in. Drinking this potion gives players night vision for a specific duration. Outside of the Deep Dark, this potion also works fairly well in the dark regions of Nether and End. To create a potion of Night Vision, players need to combine a golden carrot with either an Awkward potion or Mundane potion.

5. Potion of Invisibility

This potion makes players invisible when consumed. It allows players to move around without triggering the aggro of any mob. It is particularly useful when players died and drop all their items - the potion allows them to evade the mobs and get the items back. Players can also use it to escape sticky situations such as running away from mobs.

Potion of Invisibility

To create a potion of invisibility, players need 1 fermented spider eye and 1 potion of night vision. They can also add redstone dust to increase the duration of the effect.

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