One of the most anticipated updates for Minecraft to date, the Wild Update 1.19, is coming out today. Thanks to the numerous preview snapshots and beta programs, players have been able to enjoy most of the upcoming new features. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase a collection of the top 10 best new features for Minecraft 1.19 update.

1. The Deep Dark Biome and Ancient Cities

Originally planned to release during 1.17, then delayed to 1.18 and finally 1.19, the Deep Dark biome and its Ancient Cities are definitely going to be huge. The Deep Dark is a special biome located deep underground in Minecraft Overworld.

Similar to Strongholds in terms of size, an Ancient City is a structure generated in the Deep Dark. It is a massive palace-like structure that stretches throughout the biome. The place contains many long corridors with wool floors (to prevent vibrations).

Ancient City in Minecraft
Ancient City in Minecraft

The corridors are mainly made of deepslate, with the frame being reinforced deepslate, a new unobtainable block. There are also some smaller ruins off to the side of the main corridors, each containing 1-2 loot chests.

At the center of the city is a large rectangular structure resembling a warden's head, made from reinforced deepslate. This location is likely to relate to the warden spawns.

2. Sculk and Reinforced Deepslate

Two new block variants are going to be added to the game, as part of the Ancient Cities in the Deep Dark biome. Sculk is a special alien-looking block that comes in many variants. There are sculk catalysts that can spread sculk from dead mobs, sculk shriekers that emit a screaming sound to call the warden, and sculk sensors that detect players' movement and sound.

Ancient Cities Sculk Shrieker Sculk Catalyst More

These mystery blocks are likely to be part of the deep dark's storyline, as they seem to be a mysterious parasitic species that spreads.

Reinforced Deepslate is a special block that forms the outside of Ancient Cities, which has great durability and a unique appearance.

3. New music tracks

Players can play music in Minecraft jukeboxes by collecting music discs. In 1.19, they can get a brand new disc called 5 from the Ancient City. However, the disc is broken into 9 fragments and players need to find all 9 to craft it.

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Disc fragments

These fragments are found only within ancient cities' loot chests with a low spawn rate so it might take a while.

4. New mobs

Mojang usually releases new mobs to accompany new biomes, and 1.19 is not an exception to this rule. The first and best new addition is the Allay, winner of the most recent Minecraft vote. Allay would be a great addition to improving your automation process. If you give it an item, it would go around and collect matching ones for you.

Minecraft Warden Mob Caves And Cliffs
Only Wardens spawn in the Deep Dark biome.

There are also frogs with the ability to create froglights by eating different entities. They are going to make the swamp biomes much more dynamic. Lastly, there's the Warden who roams around in the Deep Dark cities.

5. Mangrove Swamp Biomes

The new mangrove swamp biome is a revamped version of the existing swamp biome. It is home to the exclusive mangrove trees, the warm variant of frogs, muddy water, and more.

Minecraft Swamp
Minecraft Swamp biome

They spawn in humid and warm areas, just like the regular swamp biome. Exclusive to the mangrove swamp biome are the mangrove trees, with the ability to grow on top of the water.

6. Echo Shards and the Recovery Compass

Recovering your items after death has always been a problem in Minecraft, as players tend to forget the location where they died. The Recovery Compass would deal with this issue - it automatically points to the location players died, as long as they are in the same dimension.

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Echo shards can be combined with a normal compass to create a recovery compass.

To craft the recovery compass, players need 8 echo shards - they are a special item that can only be found in the Deep Dark biome.

7. New Status Effects and Enchantments

In 1.19, Minecraft players are going to get a new status effect "Darkness" and a new enchantment "Swift Sneak". Both of them are tied to the Deep Dark biome.

Swift Sneak
Swift Sneak is essential if you want to avoid the Warden.

The Darkness is inflicted by the sculk shrieker block. It pulses players' vision in and out from standard vision to complete darkness, which makes traversing in the Deep Dark much harder. This also improves the horror-like effect when facing the Warden.

The new Swift Sneak enchantment allows players to move faster while crouching and sneaking. This is very useful against the Warden... however, players can only apply it on boots.

8. Mud Blocks

Mud generates in the mangrove swamp biome. Players can also obtain it by using a water bottle on dirt, coarse dirt, and rooted dirt. Players can also place a dripstone below it to strain and create clay. This is the first renewable source of clay in Minecraft.

Minecraft Mud Block
Mud Blocks are great decoration material.

Alternatively, players can combine mud blocks with wheat to create packed mud. This in turn can be crafted into mud bricks, stairs, walls, and more.

9. Boats with chests

The Wild update allows players to bring extra storage onto boats. They have been integrated into minecarts and pack animals previously.

Minecraft Boat Colors
Boats with chests allow players to travel around while carrying more items.

This should allow players to venture through rivers, lakes, and oceans in search of new locations while bringing all the items they need. While the chest on the boat is single and not double, it is still better than nothing.

10. Goat Horns

Goat horns are special items that allow players to produce different sounds. They are obtainable from goats after they ram a solid, naturally-occurring block. These items also spawn in pillager outposts.

Minecraft Goat Mountain
Goats can often be found on mountain biomes.

Up to 2 horns can be dropped from an adult goat. The variant of horn that a goat may drop is completely random.

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