Apex Legends just got a new weapon yesterday and you might have seen it: it’s a unique gun. The HAVOC Rifle is the first weapon released by Respawn Entertainment after the official launch date of the game. The brand-new HAVOC Rifle arrived at Apex Legends three days ago, on Feb 20th. Sean Slayback was the primary weapon designer of Apex Legends and the guy used Reddit to give his tips and tricks regarding this cool gun.

HAVOC rifle
Time to meet a new weapon in Apex Legends: the HAVOC rifle - an energy assault rifle.

Slayback mentioned that HAVOC is initially inspired by a rifle that appeared in Elysium in 2013. Apart from revealing an interesting story behind the weapon, Slayback got to the main point and gave out his tips to master the weapon.

A quick review of the assault rifle

The HAVOC rifle is an energy assault one. Its default fire mode would be “full-automatic alongside a charge-up time.” Therefore, before it starts shooting, you’ll have to lower the trigger a little bit, unlike other fully-automatic ones in Apex Legends. However, Slayback did say that the high damage and velocity as well as the low bullet drop will make up for those waiting time.

HAVOC rifle
The new rifle comes to Apex Legends with multiple attachments available.

Attachments available for HAVOC rifle

As a matter of fact, HAVOC is the very first weapon in Apex Legends that owns more than 1 Hopup attachment. But at any point in time you can only equip one of it.

One of those attachments is the Turbocharge. This attachment lets you remove the default time for HAVOC to charge-up. However, we’ll take a closer look at the Selectfire Receiver. This is another attachment available on hand, enabling Fire Select and switch the gun to Hitscan Charge Beam shooting mode. This powerful attachment will make the HAVOC shoot a charged beam, going through as many as five rounds at once. There’s no need for you to lead the target with Selectfire Receiver. All you have to do is to aim directly at your enemy and release the pain of the beam.

In general, it appears that HAVOC really is one of those really interesting weapons to use in Apex Legends. Players seem to like the weapon because of its unique characteristics. If this is your first attempt to try the gun out and you’re having no attachments in hand, keep an eye on the charge-up time. Why? Because this would be the utter difference to decide your faith: dead or alive.