Bedwars is a strategic game mostly played on Minecraft servers such as Hypixel. In the game, each team has its own island and there is a bed on the island. The players have to try to defend it from destruction by blocks that they can buy in the item shop. If the bed is destroyed, the players in the team can not respawn.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase a complete guide on how to play Bed Wars in Minecraft 1.19.

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1. How to join a Bed Wars server

In order to play Bed Wars in Minecraft 1.19, players need to join a server first.

For Java Edition

Hypixel is probably the most popular amongst Java Bed Wars servers. To join Hypixel, load up Minecraft > Multiplayer > Direct Connect. Type in "".

For Bedrock Edition

There are two popular servers to play Bed Wars on Bedrock - The Hive and Nether Games. To play in The Hive, just go to the Servers tab and scroll until you find it.

On the other hand, to play in Nether Games, players need to pick "Add Server" and then enter

After joining, right click with the compass to open the game navigator. Click on the bed to go to the Bed Wars lobby.

What to do in a lobby?

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Find the NPCs that allow you to join games. There are Solo, Doubles, 3v3v3v3, or 4v4v4v4, and more. If you are a beginner, try to join 4vs4 as it is the easiest to get into.

Engage in friendly conversation with other players in the lobby by pressing T to enter the chat.

2. Terminology in Minecraft Bed Wars

Communication might be pretty intimidating at first, as veteran Bed Wars players usually use various terms that are hard to follow. Below are the most common slang/abbreviations that they often use:

  • Def - Defense/Defend
  • Dias - Diamonds
  • Ems - Emeralds
  • Rush - Target a certain team very quickly before they have time to defend their bed well
  • EChest - Ender chest
  • Pot - Drink potions
  • Strat - Strategy for winning the game
  • Gen - Resource generator
  • TC - Team chest
  • Inc - Another team is coming to your base to kill you or destroy your bed
  • Prot - Protection for the team's armor
  • Sharp - Sharpness for the team's swords
  • Teamwipe - Breaking a team's bed then final killing all of them
  • Camp - Stay at your base for a long time or the entire game
  • Butterfly - A bed defense where you surround your bed in a layer of endstone, with a layer of glass on top
  • Sandwich - A bed defense where you surround your bed with wood, adding a layer of wool and topping it off with wool
  • Clutch - Winning the game without a bed and/or placing a block to prevent falling into the void.
  • Invis - Invisibility/Invisible player attacking
  • Obi/Ob/Obby - Obsidian
  • Sweaty/Sweat - A try-hard player
  • Stacked - Having good gear
  • Mid - Middle
  • Carry - Having your teammates help you win or win for you with you doing little to no work
  • SG - Split gen

3. Step-by-step guide to play Bed Wars in Minecraft 1.19


Go to your resource generator to get iron and gold ingots. They can be traded for blocks, weapons, armor, and spawn eggs.

Save up Iron and Gold ingots to buy iron armor and a stone sword. These cost 12 gold and 10 iron respectively and are the most valuable gears to get early on.

Learn how to speed bridge. Speed bridging is a method of bridging where you sneak (also known as 'crouching' or 'shifting') when at the edge of the block, then unshift when placing a block.

How to defend your bed

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Overall, the blocks you should buy are obsidian, end stone, wood, wool, and blast-proof glass. Get wool in the early game as they are the cheapest.  It is important that you get it early on to defend your bed, collect resources, build to other team's bases, and so on.

Use only wool early on but once you get used to it, get endstone, wood, blast-proof glass, etc... Once you collect 8 emeralds, it is possible to add obsidian.

Don't build a cube around your bed. Instead, put one block on each side of the bed, not including the corners, then sneak to put 2 blocks on top of the bed. Add from this first layer by putting blocks on the side and on top of any visible blocks on the previous layer.

Add water to the top of the bed defense. A bucket of water costs 8 gold and prevents TNT explosions and pushes enemies away from the bed. You don't need to do this because people deem water annoying and unnecessary.

How to fight other teams

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Build over to diamond generators. This is an important resource for Team Upgrades. The best ones to buy are sharpness and miner fatigue trap protection 1.

Once you have at least 1 trap, build to the middle and collect Emerald. This is very important if you want speed, jump boost, invisibility potions, obsidian, and ender pearls.

Buy and eat a golden apple before a fight to get an edge.

Target a team and kill them. Try to kill every team member as fast as possible so that they can't respawn fast enough to stop you. The main strategy here is to kill the team, mine through their defense while they are dead, then kill them again. Knocking enemies off the edge is the fastest.

What to do in the late game?

Build up and drop TNT on top of the bed defense. This is very effective if enemies don't have obsidian, water or blast-proof glass.

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Throw fireballs at the bed defense from far away. This will keep them distracted while you run over and break the bed. Attack other teams, kill them, and repeat the previous step for all teams.

Save up resources to buy expensive items later on:

  • Iron: blocks and tools
  • Gold: bows, arrows and the last upgrades of the tools
  • Diamonds: protection and sharpness
  • Emeralds: potions, pearls, and if appropriate, bridge eggs.

If you reach Sudden Death, camp at your base and shoot arrows at the dragons. This is the last phase when the teams' ender dragons swoop down and break everything in sight, including blocks not placed by players. Use all the items as needed.

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