Parrots are rare tameable mobs that can perch on players' shoulders and imitate the sounds of nearby hostile mobs. They are a bit hard to find and some player doesn't even know that parrots exist.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase how to find and tame parrots in Minecraft 1.19.

1. How to find parrots in Minecraft 1.19

Parrots naturally spawn in jungle and bamboo jungle biomes. Their spawn chance is very low however at only 0.2.

Minecraft Parrot Cookie
As parrots cannot be bred, players must locate and tame them individually.

Additionally, they can only be found at Y-level 70 or above, in groups of 1-2. Therefore, if players want to collect all colors of parrots, it might take quite a while. They spawn only on logs, leaves and grass blocks.

How to find jungle biomes?

Besides manually looking around, players can either use a jungle seed or enable cheat and use the /locate command.

Parrots can also spawn in a bamboo jungle.

Alternatively, they can take their seed number and use some online biome-finding tools such as chunk base.

2. How to tame parrots in Minecraft 1.19

Parrots can be tamed by feeding them wheat seeds, melon seeds, pumpkin seeds, or beetroot seeds, with a 1/10 chance of success. Once tamed, interacting with a parrot makes it sit down and stand up.

Parrots Feature
Use seeds to tame parrots - wheat is the easiest to get.

Similar to tamed wolves and cats, a tamed parrot follows the player unless told to sit. They can also teleport if the distance between them and the player is too high.

Like all tamed animals, upon death, a death message would be displayed to the owner. Feeding a parrot a cookie instantly kills it.

3. What are the uses of parrots?

Overall, Parrot is a great decorative pet mob, with the ability to fly and follow the player. They are also very colorful - players can tell them to sit in certain spots as decoration. Just remember to name them with a nametag so that they do not despawn.

Below are some of the activities parrots can do:

Perching on shoulders

A player can have one parrot on each shoulder. A tamed parrot will try to fly to and perch on the player's shoulder unless it has been told to sit.

How To Breed Parrots In Minecraft
A parrot on a shoulder cannot take any damage

Players can also walk into tamed parrots to put them on their shoulders.


Parrots dance near a jukebox if a music disc is inside it. In bedrock, it can even dance on players' shoulders. The dancing radius is 3 blocks from the jukebox.

Jukebox Minecraft
A Jukebox

Imitating sounds

Parrots imitate the idle sounds of nearby hostile and certain neutral mobs (including the hiss of creepers for example). This ability has a range of 20 blocks (cubical).

Parrots Flock
Parrots can come in 5 different colors.

This means the player can use the parrot to detect if there's any mob sneaking in the area.

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