Minecraft developer Mojang adds new features to the game every year, including gameplay changes, mobs, biomes, and more. Because of those updates, mod/texture pack users need to constantly update their mods to ensure they run on the new version. Upgrading Texture packs is particularly important, as players need them to be up to date with the newest Minecraft patch

In this article, Gurugamer.com is going to showcase the top 10 best Minecraft 1.19 texture packs, updated for 2022.

Please note that newer versions of the game refer to “texture packs” as “resource packs”, which is pretty much the same thing.

1. Epic Adventures - Realistic Minecraft 1.19 Texture Pack

Epic Adventures aims to make your game look as realistic as possible, eliminating the blocky features. By installing this pack, players would get more detailed flora and fauna, a better-looking environment, alongside realistic-looking mobs.

Epic Adventure

The resolution of the textures is “only” 32x32 pixels and thus there is a good balance between realistic and default textures. Because of these lightweight specs, players with weaker systems can still run this texture pack.

2. Winthor Medieval

If you want to roleplay or join a roleplay server with the medieval world settings, the Winthor Medieval pack is probably the best for this task. It adds a number of fantasy-medieval texture and turns the world of Minecraft into a fantasy story set in the era of kingdoms.

Winthor Medieval

Winthor Medieval contains a bright and very attractive color palette. It is also unbelievable how the authors have managed to make different unique styles using the Winthor Medieval to ensure that the pack completely blends with the surrounding environment. You get rustic designs, medieval architecture, and a diverse variety of non-traditional building blocks, which are perfect to build a castle in Minecraft.

3. Fancy GUI Overhaul

Minecraft's GUI is rather barebones and boring, especially if you have played the game for a long time. Fancy GUI Overhaul texture pack deals with this problem by changing your graphical interface for using the crafting table and other utility blocks in game.

Fancy Gui

With this texture pack, utility blocks and the like are instantly recognizable, allowing players to immerse more into the Minecraft world.

4. Xray Ultimate - Most Useful Minecraft 1.19 Texture Pack

This texture pack is more or less a cheat. It turns most blocks in Minecraft into outlines, keeping only Ores and mobs visible. Installing this pack pretty much gives you x-ray vision to find all ore in Minecraft effortlessly. After gathering enough resources, you can just switch off the pack and play Minecraft like normal.

Xray Ultimate

Xray Ultimate is banned in the most serious Minecraft servers for this reason, as it provides an unfair advantage to players.

5. Faithless

This pack gives almost every block and item a unique texture for variance in builds and easy differentiation, which in turn brings an RPG experience and more character and personality to everything in your game. It took heavy inspiration from classic Minecraft textures and music videos such as Fallen Kingdom.


6. Bare Bones - Best FPS Minecraft 1.19 Texture Pack

Bare Bones is one of the most popular Minecraft texture packs for the last couple of updates. This resource pack will make your world look exactly like the official Minecraft trailer with its smooth, vibrant, and almost cartoonish style. Even the mobs look simpler and cleaner after installing this texture pack. And since the texture pack is pretty simple and lightweight, it’s perfect for players on low-end systems. As for shaders, we have also compiled a list of the best Minecraft shaders for low-end PCs.

Bare Bones

7. Tooniverse

If you truly want to make Minecraft feel like a new game, Tooniverse is the perfect resource pack for you. Tooniverse is designed to look clean, but with crisp HD textures and a unique color palette that makes default Minecraft look dull! The cartoon style is consistent throughout the pack to get you truly immersed in a cartoon world. Expect a lot of attention to detail with many 3D models and lots of random texture variations.


Players can Install Optifine for even more features like custom colors and skyboxes.

8. Pack & White

This pack is the regular vanilla Minecraft, but everything is now black and white! Outside of the color, this resource pack ensures that the game’s shadows, lights, and overall environment remain the same, so your gameplay remains unaffected.

Pack And White

This is the perfect texture pack for custom Minecraft maps set in retro worlds or simply to confuse players in puzzle-based adventures.

9. Dandelion X

Dandelion X is a charmingly simple pack created around a minimal color palette resulting in textures that work together naturally. Its lightweight textures make the game run smoother and create a more vibrant, charming world to play in.

Dandelion X

Make sure to carry a torch while you go on mining adventures, as this mod does make the underground slightly scarier than usual.

10. Adventure Time Craft

Adventure Time Craft is a resource pack inspired by the popular cartoon series Adventure Time. You can notice cartoonish textures, flashy colors, and grimmer-looking mobs alongside some candy-like biomes.

Adventure Time

This is the perfect combination for the fans of Adventure Time and new players alike - the final result is a mix and match of a scary but somehow welcoming world.

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