Dyes are items that are used to change the color of a variety of blocks, items, or mobs in Minecraft. They are the main way for players to customize their builds with various colors.

Since their addition back in the 1.2 version, the dye system has expanded significantly. In 1.19, there are up to 15 different uses for the item. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 8 best uses for dyes in Minecraft 1.19.

1. Dyeing Sheep/Wool

Players can use dye on sheep to change the color of their wool. The sheep retains the color when the wool regenerates, and even pass it on to its offsprings.

Dyeing Sheep
It is pretty easy to dye sheep and get unlimited colored wool in Minecraft.

reeding colored sheep produces a lamb colored as one of the parent sheep, or a color resulting from the combination of both parents' colors. It uses the same color mixing rules that dyes use - red and yellow sheep create an orange lamb, but a blue and yellow sheep cannot create a green lamb.

The unlimited regeneration of colored sheep wool is a great way to get all the wool you want instead of dying them directly.

2. Dyeing leather armor

Unlike other types of armor in Minecraft, leather armor can be dyed with any color. This gives players the ability to go around in colorful outfits instead of just the old boring diamond armor. Leather horse armor can also be dyed the same way.

Leather Armor
Leather armor is not as strong as the higher-tier armors but they are more customizable.

The armor dyeing methods in Java and Bedrock are different:

  • Java Edition players can just put the item and the dye of the chosen color into the crafting grid.
  • Bedrock players need to fill a water cauldron with the dye color they want, then use the leather armor on the cauldron's water to dye it.

3. Create stained glass

Players can create stained glass by placing 8 blocks of glass around a dye on a crafting table. Just like regular glass, stained glass can be crafted into stained glass panes.

Stained Glass
Stained glass and Stained glass panes can make your build look super good.

These items are great for decoration and build, as players can modify their color as they see fit. Both the block and the pane are useful in building projects - 6 blocks of glass create 16 panes.

4. Create banner patterns

Banner is one of the most customizable items in Minecraft, with a huge number of patterns to choose from. Players can decorate these patterns with dye colors.

Banner And Loom
Having colored dyes is a must if you want to get good-looking banners.

In order to get an elaborate and beautiful banner, the combination of multiple dyes and patterns is a must. To get a decent result, players need to experiment with as many patterns and color combos as possible.

5. Dyeing Terracotta

Terracotta is a block that comes in 16 dye colors (except with a brownish tint), as well as an undyed variant. It is found abundantly in badlands biomes, or can be obtained by smelting clay. Players can dye terracotta by combining the block with dyes.

Terracotta Minecraft
Dyed terracotta can be smelted to create Glazed terracotta, which looks even better.

They are great building blocks and players can use dye on them to change the color to whatever they need. Concrete blocks also use this same mechanic, however, players need to mix the dye with gravel and sand to create colored concrete powder first.

6. Coloring Sign Text/Banners

While the color of texts can be changed using color codes, players can just use a dye on a sign to instantly change it. Remembering all the color codes can be somewhat problematic.

Changing the texts on banners to other colors can make them easier to see.

Colored banners show up on maps with their colors, which can be useful.

7. Coloring Firework Stars

Firework stars are items used to determine the color, effect, and shape of firework rockets, which in turn can create gorgeous firework displays... or deal damage to enemies.

Minecraft Fireworks Feature
Firework stars are the core of firework rockets, which can look pretty fantastic.

Players can create these items by combining gunpowder, dyes, and extra ingredients such as gold nuggets or feathers. It is also possible to add even more dyes to a completed firework star to create even more elaborate explosion effects.

8. Dyeing Beds

Beds are one of the most commonly used decorative items in Minecraft that all bases must have, due to their ability to provide players a spot to spawn. Because of that, having a good-looking bed that fits your build is essential.

Red Bed
Getting the right color for beds in Minecraft is very important in certain builds.

Just combine any bed and dye in the crafting grid to create a new bed of that dye color.

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