If you want to build a good-looking base, finding the right base biome is actually pretty important. There are quite a few biomes to choose from in Minecraft, as the game has a lot of variety and diversity. Major biomes might even have various sub-biomes that players can explore.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 5 best looking biomes in Minecraft 1.19.

1. Warm Ocean

The warm ocean has an aquamarine water tone at the surface and generates next to deserts and badlands. It is filled with schools of tropical fish, pufferfish and squids.

Warm Ocean Coral Reef
Warm Ocean is the most colorful biome in Minecraft, however, building a base here can be tough.

This is the only biome where you can find a coral reef. They are structures that generate in warm ocean biomes. Coral reefs consist of multiple clusters of coral blocks, coral and coral fans. These clusters come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, ranging from a few blocks of brain coral on the ground to large tree-like structures of fire coral.

2. Dripstone Caves

The dripstone caves biome is an Overworld cave biome filled with clusters and pillars of pointed dripstone and dripstone blocks.  You’ll easily recognize dripstone caves from the pillars that stretch from the floor to the ceiling, as well as spikes that hang down from the roof (known as stalactites) or point up from the ground (known as stalagmites). It is perfect for building a underground-themed base.

Dripstone Caves
Dripstone Cave looks fairly impressive due to its sheer size.

The real-world inspiration for Minecraft’s dripstone caves is the famous Sơn Đoòng cave in Vietnam, which is one of the world’s largest natural caves. It’s more than five kilometers long, about 200 meters high, and 150 meters wide – so large that a Boeing 747 could comfortably fly through without its wings being in any danger.

3. Ice Spikes

This is a variant of the Snowy Plains biome. It features large numbers of packed ice spikes dotting across its landscape. Additionally, all grass blocks are replaced with snow blocks and ice patches generate as well.

Ice Spikes Biome
It is perfect for creating an ice-themed base

The spikes come in two sizes: a short, wide spike, and a tall, thin spike. The short spikes generate more often than the tall spikes. Short spikes are about 15 blocks tall, while tall spikes can be over 50 blocks tall. No buildings may generate in this biome, though polar bears, rabbits and strays still spawn. Trees do not generate in this variant either. Snow layers still form atop the snow blocks, making them seem taller than they actually are.

4. Old Growth Taiga

Old growth taiga or giant tree taiga is a colder counterpart of the jungle biome. Similar to jungle and dark forest biomes, old growth taiga generates at very high humidity values and are often surrounded by the regular taiga biome.

Minecraft Giant Tree Taiga
Old Growth Taiga

It is a great biome to start and work into the endgame in Minecraft 1.18. There are large trees everywhere, which makes gathering wood a breeze. Furthermore, players can tame wolves for attack purposes and catch rabbits for rabbit farms. There are also podzol blocks that allow growing mushrooms regardless of light levels.

5. Stony Peaks

Stony peak is the third variant of mountain biomes, containing calcite strips, stone, and mounds of gravel. The stony peaks are a warmer variation of both the jagged peaks and the frozen peaks biomes that generates when a mountain peak is in a region with lukewarm biomes such as savannas and jungles.

Stony Peaks
Stony Peaks might be the best biome to build a mountain base in.

Players can find no animal mobs here outside goats. The grass and foliage in this biome have a unique vibrant light green tint.

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