In survival games like Minecraft, food is vital - you need to fill out your hunger meter constantly. This gets less important in the late game, where you get access to better, more expensive food items.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the 5 best late game food items in Minecraft 1.19.

1. Golden Carrot

  • Restore 3 hunger points

Amongst the top three magical food in the game (enchanted golden apple, golden apple, and golden carrot), the golden carrot is the most efficient. They are cheaper than golden apples - a golden carrot costs 8 gold nuggets, but a golden apple costs 8 gold ingots!

Golden Carrots
Golden Carrots are much better than the other two gold food items, as they can be bought from villagers.

A golden carrot restores 14.4 saturation, the highest of any stackable food currently in the game. Players can either craft them with a carrot farm and a gold farm or outright buy them from farmer villagers in large quantities.

2. Steak and cooked porkchop

  • Restore 4 hunger points

They restore one of the highest amounts of hunger and saturation (12.8 points) of any food in the game. Two pieces regenerate 25.6 saturation which fills the saturation bar, so the player doesn't need to eat again for a long time.

Burning cows
Burning cows for steaks

Can be found relatively early on, provided there are cows, mooshrooms and/or pigs nearby. Players can bring a flint with them to light these mobs on fire and get cooked meat directly.

The weakness of these food items is that players need to find two of these animals and breed them to create a renewable farm. This can take a long time.

3. Suspicious stew (saturation)

  • Restore 3 hunger points

When crafted with blue orchid or dandelion, suspicious stew grants the effect of Saturation for 7‌/6‌ ticks (0.35/0.3 seconds). This means players gain an additional 7  hunger and 14 saturation, for a total of 13 hunger and 21.2 saturation.

Suspicious Stew Minecraft
While it is a bit annoying to craft, the Suspicious stew (saturation) is a great way to restore your meters to full.

After being given a flower, a brown mooshroom can be "milked" for suspicious stew by using a bowl on it. This means players can get a lot of this stew by acquiring a brown mooshroom and flowers.

4. Cooked mutton and cooked salmon

  • Restore 3 hunger points

Can be found relatively early on, provided there are sheep, and/or salmon nearby. Restore 9.6 saturation, which means two pieces can fill the saturation bar completely.

Breed Sheep
Breeding sheep to get mutton and wool.

Similar to the #2 spot, players also need to breed sheep to reliably get mutton. At least they also yield wool, which is very useful. Salmon needs to be fished, which requires a fishing rod.

5. Bread

  • Restore 3 hunger points

The best part about bread is that it use wheat, which takes little resources to farm and maintain. Restoring 6 saturation, it is overall one of the easiest foods to obtain early in the game.

Bread is a staple food in Minecraft

The ease of access makes it useful even in the late game. Piles of hay bales generated around plains, desert and savanna villages can easily be converted into an ample supply of bread.

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