There are numerous hidden rewards and achievements that you can unlock in GTA 5. And if you have walked by a TV store in the game or use the TV inside your house, you'll notice a show called Impotent Rage. It has always been a part of GTA 5, no matter whether you know about it or not.

Impotent Rage Unlock
Impotent Rage Outfit in GTA 5

Rockstar Games sees an opportunity in this original creation and just cannot let it go to waste. Hence, they started to add Impotent Rage easter eggs and collectibles into GTA 5. Today, we'll show you the way to get the Impotent Rage outfit in the game! It will be the best costume you've ever owned.

Impotent Rage Outfit in GTA  5

Players will unlock the Impotent Rage outfit after they've done collecting 100 other action figures. These can be found all around Los Santos and Blaine County. If you're a fan of modern pop culture, you'll immediately recognize the figures. There are Princess Bubblegum, Republican Space Rangers, Impotent Rage, and even aliens.

You will find the action figures at the locations on the map below:

Impotent Rage Action Figures Locations
Here's the location of all Action Figures in the game.

Impotent Rage Outfit Collection Rewards

Collecting figures also rewards players with a hefty amount of money in GTA 5. Upon getting one figure, you will earn the easiest $1,000 and 1,000 RP ever! After you have collected 98 action figures, 2 unique ones will spawn at the Thompson Scrapyard: Bigfoot and the Beast. Collecting both of them and receive the regular $1,000 and 1000 RP along with an extra $50,000.

Once this is done, you will receive a message. It tells you to go to a store in Los Santos. When you enter the store, a cutscene triggers, and you will unlock the Impotent Rage Outfit for free. Also, there's a special Impotent Rage haircut waiting for you at any barbershop.

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