The next big GTA Online update in 2021 is finally coming out. It is called Los Santos Tuners... and as you can probably guess from the name, it is all about the "Auto" part in Grand Theft Auto Online. In this article, we are going to list out everything you need to know about this update.

 Los Santos Tuners
GTA Online: Los Santos Tuners update

About the LS Car Meet

The LS Car Meet in GTA Online 2021 is a new space for underground street racers. In this place, you can show off your stylish ride without having to deal with the chaos of a public server. There is a test track that allows you to use your friend's car and demo the game's newest cars.

You need GTA $50,000 to become a LS Car Meet member. This unlocks a new progression track called Reputation. Level up your Reputation, and you can get new benefits and rewards, like unique tattoos and merch, alongside access to the facilities.

Gta Online Los Santos Tuners
Meet other players in the Los Santos Car Club!

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New contents in GTA Online update

The LS Car Meet comes with new races. Some of them take place on the street of Los Santos, while others use the Car Meet itself as a track. There are 10 new special cars added in this update. These cars are designed to be highly customizable. Players can mix and match as much as they want to create the perfect ride.

Gta Online Los Santos Tuners
New races and cars in GTA Online summer update 2021

Members of the LS Car Meet will be able to complete Prize Ride Challenges to win a special Prize Ride and get access to a range of specialty shops. The new shops are Merch Shop, Tattoo Shop, and the Modding Area.

High-level members can also create their own private Car Meet, which gives them the ability to decorate the Car Meet with lighting and banners to suit their tastes.

How to earn LS reputation?

You can earn REP by participating and winning races, log in daily, use the Test Track, or even just hanging out in the Car Meet. The higher your level, the more bonus you can unlock - from all sorts of fashionable gear to flashy new car customization. You can also increase Trade Prices on certain vehicles or get access to new race modes as well.

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