We have received Apex Legends quite unexpectedly last month, and at that moment no one actually knows how the game will fair on a market of already too much battle royale games. But just after a few days of the release, it has become clear that Apex didn't have to worry at all.

Millions of download in the first week

Just alone in the three days from the release day, tons of people start to download the new battle royale game - I am talking about millions upon millions of people. After the first initial 72 hours, more than 10 million had already downloaded the latest game from Respawn Entertainment. Another example, Fornite took two weeks to reach the mark of 10 million downloads.

Impressive Numbers After The Launch Of Apex Legend
Apex Legends

And just one week after that, Vice Zampella (CEO of Respawn Entertainment) has released the official update on the player count of Apex Legends. The number has doubled from the 10 million of the first 3 days, in one week the game has reached 25 million separated downloads. Then we must also look at the number of viewership of the game on Twitch.

Total viewership on Twitch

Just in the tournament of Twitch Rivals Apex, we have the report coming from The Esports Observer saying that the game has reached the mark of total 8.2 million watching hours in just one day. This total viewership hour beat Fortnite's at its best ( back in the Summer Skirmish Fornite has reached 6,6 million)

Impressive Numbers After The Launch Of Apex Legend
Apex Twitch

Nowadays, it's quite difficult to say the exact number of players logging in on Apex. The publisher of the game hasn't released anything else ever since the mark of 25 million downloads. Maybe we will get some more numbers after the first month of the launch. So at the moment, to surpass the 200 million download of Fornite Apex still has to go a long way.