It has been over a month for the battle royale game which sets in the universe of Titanfall. Apex Legends reached a million download-counts of 50 million on its one-month anniversary. After a month of endless battling, many players have found out the maximum level that can be gained, while many others still currently have no idea of whether the game has a level cap or not.

Apex Legends World Records Full List Most Kills Sq

Every time players participate in a match in the game, no matter how the result of the match turns out to be, players surely obtain a certain amount of experience for their Player Level. That “certain amount” will be decided by how well you perform in the match and how the kill count the players have at the end of the match. If a player has reached the maximum level in the game, he or she will no longer level up, however, the player can still obtain extra Legend Tokens by the experience gained in matches.

Max Level Cap Apex Legends

So back to the main subject, what is the level cap in Apex Legends? According to Apex Legends’ FAQ page on the EA site, the maximum level that players can grind out is 100. Also, it is worth noting that along the way from level 1 to 100, players are offered with many opportunities to earn an Apex Pack as a gift for leveling up. It is said that players who have reached 100 can earn 45 Apex Packs in total, however, the player can only gain these Apex Packs when they reach a certain level, the Packs are not rewarded for every single level up.

The 100 level cap will only be applied for Player Level, however, it is unclear whether this level cap can be raised later in the near future or not. Nevertheless, we can expect changes to come when Apex Legends release Season 1 and its Battle Pass by the end of this month.