Krzysztof Piatek has been a rising star of this new season since he scored 13 goals out of 11 games he had been in. Little did everyone know that he did not know any of his teammates before being in the club. We wonder if he had known about them, whether he could have done better?

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Piatek is the new striker of Genoa

Piatek had a successful season in 2017 – 2018 when he played for Cracovia and scored 21 goals. Thanks to that impressive performance, he made it to Genoa. Up to this moment, he is the highest scorer in the league with a goal ahead of Cristiano Ronaldo – another Serie A new-comer.

The 23-year-old player did not familiar with any of his teammates, thus he came up with the idea of looking up for their information by using video games. Piatek admits that when he first came to Italy, none of his teammates knows him.

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Before joining the club, he knew nothing about his teammates

“Being a stranger gave me an advantage. I didn’t even know my fellow Genoa teammates. After I signed, I turned on the PlayStation and looked for them there”.

"None of my teammates knew me," he explains. "I said to myself: 'If they don't know that I have scored 21 goals [for Cracovia last season] and scored in almost every game, maybe even the defenders will not know me. Being a stranger at the bottom has given me an advantage."

He did not mention the name of the football game he played, but it would be quite clear to guess. It should be FIFA because PES would let him play for ‘Liguria FC’, but the Konami’s series has the license for Genoa.

It was probably FIFA that he used to examine his teammates

Looking at that kit, we can probably guess it was FIFA. Nonetheless, whatever it was, Piatek seemed to had found his own way to success by taking advantage of the fact that he is a stranger, and of course, video games.