Apex Legends advance rapidly on its path to becoming a main player in the world of battle royale game. Developer team from Respawn Entertainment has started to address the game community through many updates and patches. The latest one is just a few days ago, which by now is already live on all existing platform. This patch has also nerfed Peacekeeper and Wingman.

The developer team of Apex Legends has also mentioned the philosophy of their patches. Their goal is to release their patches less often but better testes and higher change rate on the game. They want to minimize the effects on patches on players gaming. The players should be the focus on gaming rather than just read our patch notes once a week just to keep updated.

The neft Apex put on Wingman is useless, according to Shroud

Lastest Update For Apex Legends Nerfed Peacekeeper

First, we should have a look at the patch notes on Wingman:

  • Reduce the firing rate to 2.6 shots/ second.
  • Damage deal from Skullpiercer Headshot reduce to 2.25
  • Increase the spread and decrease the rate of hip fire.
  • Availability reduced in all tiers.

On a fairly recent Twitch stream, Michael Grzesiek or more commonly known as “Shroud” has commented that this new patch did too little to neft the very overpowered Wingman character in the game. He has commented that why Apex Legends team would even bother with the recent neft of Wingman. He really thinks that the neft is not enough to have any impact on the balance of the game or to resolve the overpower problem of Wingman.

We could see what they did to neft Wingman on the patch note above. However, according to Shroud, Apex should have reduced the fire rate much more than that and also should have reduced the damage as well. Shroud also said that the neft on Skullpiercer is literally useless because it doesn't matter.

While we also have the opinion from TheAnneMunition that maybe Apex was afraid of over-nerfing there character.

 The rest of the patch notes:

Lastest Update For Apex Legends Nerfed Peacekeeper
Apex Legends

  • Peacekeeper
    • Reduce Shotgun Bolt reload rate
    •  7.5% for level 1 mitigation
    • 13% for level 2 mitigation
    • 16% for level 3 mitigation
  • Availability of Peacekeeper reduced in all zone tiers.
  • They have also fixed some bugs that cause occasionally disconnects in the game.