Although name tags in Minecraft are not necessary for completing the game, they are highly sought after by players, especially those who are fond of pets. Many players enjoy the experience of taming their virtual dogs with bones and giving them personalized names before embarking on exciting adventures in the Minecraft world.

Name tags are a useful item that allows players to customize the names of their favorite mobs and prevent them from disappearing naturally. Currently, there are five tricks that players can use with name tags. These tricks will be discussed in detail below.

How to Find a Name Tag

To access the excellent Easter eggs described below in Minecraft, players must first obtain a name tag. However, acquiring this item is challenging since it is rare and cannot be crafted.

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Name tags can be found in dungeon loot chests

One way to obtain a name tag is by trading with a master-level librarian villager who will offer a name tag for twenty emeralds. If this option is not available, players can search for loot chests, which offer the best chance of finding rare items such as name tags. Specifically, loot chests in dungeons, mineshafts, woodland mansions, and ancient cities are most likely to contain name tags.

Name Tag Use
Using a name tag

Another option for obtaining a name tag is through fishing. Using the ‘Luck of the Sea’ enchantment on a fishing rod increases the chances of catching treasure items, including name tags. Once players have obtained a name tag, they can rename it using an anvil and use it on a mob.

It is worth noting that special names are required to access and obtain some of the Easter eggs. Additionally, name tags cannot be stacked unless they have the same name.

List of All Name Tag Tricks in Minecraft 1.20

1. Upside-down mob models

If a player renames a name tag to "Dinnerbone" or "Grumm" and then applies it to a mob in Minecraft, the mob will appear upside down. Using the capital "D" in the first name of "Dinnerbone" will cause all mobs to be turned upside down. Similarly, using "G" as the second name of "Grumm" will have the same effect.

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Upside-down mob models

Despite the upside-down appearance, the mob will walk and behave normally. The legs will move upside down, facing the sky, creating a comical effect. This Minecraft name-tag easter egg is easy for players to obtain and adds a fun element to the game. Additionally, this easter egg pays tribute to the technical director of Minecraft, whose online avatar is typically upside down. When mobs are named after the technical director, they will also be upside down.

It is important to note that this easter egg only affects the models of the mobs, not their behavior. Both passive and hostile mobs will behave as usual.

2. Rainbow sheep

In Minecraft, sheep come in various colors, and pink is one of the rarest colors. While players can dye wool in the game, imagine having a sheep that can change colors on its own. This is precisely what this Minecraft name tag easter egg offers.

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Rainbow sheep

When a player names a sheep "jeb_", the sheep's wool will change colors and display a rainbow of various hues. The sheep will continuously cycle through all the colors that can be dyed in Minecraft. However, the wool that this color-changing sheep drops will remain the same color as the sheep's original color.

This easter egg is a delightful and interactive addition to Minecraft as it does not occur naturally in the game. Although it may not have any practical purpose, it is still enjoyable to observe and can be used decoratively.

3. Toast the rabbit

This is a touching tale of a Minecraft player known as "Reddit user," who lost their beloved pet rabbit named Toast in 2014, and it was never found again.

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Toast the rabbit

Some Minecraft players asked Mojang, the game's developers, to add a tribute to Toast in the game, and the developers agreed to the request. The tribute comes in the form of a unique rabbit skin that can be applied to any rabbit in the game by renaming it "Toast."

Unlike other bunnies in the game, this special rabbit has a black and white color scheme, which sets it apart. While rabbits in Minecraft don't serve much purpose at the moment, with Toast's memorial easter egg, players can enjoy interacting with the animal mobs in a new and exciting way.

In response to a player's suggestion, Ryan Holtz, a Minecraft developer, plans to create multiple skins for rabbits, much like cats and horses in the game. Now, players can honor Toast's memory by renaming a rabbit "Toast," and the bunny's skin will resemble the real-life rabbit that was lost.

4. Johnny

There is an impressive easter egg in Minecraft known as the Johnny Vindicator. Vindicators are a type of enemy that players can encounter in woodland mansions and village raids, and they are known to be very dangerous. However, if a player renames a vindicator to “Johnny,” it will become even more hostile and aggressive. The renamed mob will attack any other mob, including the powerful Ender Dragon and the Wither.

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It will be a formidable foe to defeat, but at least players can witness it swinging its axe in a fit of rage. Vindicators are already challenging enough to face, and this easter egg only makes them more difficult to defeat since they can inflict significant damage with each attack.

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