The Minecraft game has always included ancient elements, such as the skeletons and new ancient cities that can be explored. However, the latest Minecraft 1.20 update has brought these elements to the forefront with the addition of a new archaeology system, which includes new blocks, tools, and decorated pots. These features are thrilling, and the decorated pots showcase the game's creative potential, making them likely to become very popular. To ensure that players can quickly learn how to make decorated pots in Minecraft before they become mainstream, let's dive into the process.

1. What Is a Decorated Pot in Minecraft

Decorated pots are blocks with decorative designs that are included in the new archaeology features of Minecraft 1.20. Unlike natural spawning blocks, they need to be crafted using either shards or bricks. These blocks are meant to complement the new armor trims and provide players with more opportunities for creative expression.

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Decorated Pot

Each face of the decorated pot can display a distinct symbol, offering players a variety of ways to embellish their constructions. Additionally, because they have a block-like shape, they blend in nicely with many of the game's top house designs.

2. Types of Decorated Pots in Minecraft

To create a pot in Minecraft, players can use four pottery shards, opting for either the same image on each of the four sides or a different picture for each face. This allows for endless possibilities in designing unique and personalized creations.

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Types of Pottery shards

Here is the complete list of the 20 pottery shard variants that are currently available in the Trails and Tales update:

  • Angler Pottery Shard
  • Archer Pottery Shard
  • Arms Up Pottery Shard
  • Blade Pottery Shard
  • Brewer Pottery Shard
  • Burn Pottery Shard
  • Danger Pottery Shard
  • Explorer Pottery Shard
  • Friend Pottery Shard
  • Heart Pottery Shard
  • Heartbreak Pottery Shard
  • Howl Pottery Shard
  • Mourner Pottery Shard
  • Plenty Pottery Shard
  • Prize Pottery Shard
  • Sheaf Pottery Shard
  • Skull Pottery Shard
  • Snort Pottery Shard

3. How to make a Decorated Pot

To make a decorated pot in Minecraft, you will need the following materials:

  • 4 pottery shards (of any type)
  • 4 bricks
  • 1 crafting table

To create a decorated pot with symbols on its surface, you must first obtain pottery shards in Minecraft. You can refer to our linked guide for assistance with this process. Conversely, if you wish to make a regular decorated pot without symbols, you will need to gather bricks.

It is also worth noting that you can combine bricks and pottery shards when making a pot. Minecraft provides you with complete creative freedom when designing each face of the pot.

How to Make Bricks in Minecraft

If you want to make a decorated pot without symbols in Minecraft, you will need to obtain bricks. Follow these simple steps to make a brick in Minecraft:

  1. Find clay blocks that can be found on the surface of rivers, ponds, and oceans in Minecraft. The easiest way to find them is by checking the ponds in the lush caves biome.
  2. Break the clay block using any tool or your hand. Each clay block drops four clay balls when mined.
  3. Make a furnace in Minecraft and place it on a solid surface.
  4. Smelt your clay balls into bricks using the furnace. You can use any fuel for this purpose.

Step-by-step guide to create a decorated pot

Crafting Recipe Of Decorated Pots In Minecraft
Crafting Recipe Of Decorated Pots In Minecraft

Now that you have all the necessary ingredients, you can follow these steps to create a decorated pot in Minecraft:

  1. Open your crafting table by right-clicking or using the secondary action key.
  2. Place a pottery shard or a brick in the middle of the topmost and bottommost rows of the crafting area.
  3. To finish the recipe, place a pottery shard or brick on each side of the middle row of the crafting area, leaving the middle cell empty. You can use a group of pottery shards or bricks and mix them up to create different designs.

How to dig up pottery shards using Archeology

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Pottery Shards 

Minecraft's new Archeology feature is an exciting addition that allows players to discover treasures, new friends, and learn more about the world of the game. Here are the steps to get started with Archeology and find pottery shards:

Step 1: Craft a brush

To use the Archeology ability, players will need to craft a brush. This requires one feather, one stick, and one copper ingot. Once crafted, the brush will be ready to use.

Step 2: Find suspicious sand

Archeology can only be used on suspicious sand blocks. These blocks are found in five locations: Desert Wells, Desert Temples, Cold Ocean Ruins, Warm Ocean Ruins, and Trail Ruins. Players should keep an eye out for these blocks when exploring these locations.

Step 3: Brush away suspicious sand

When a player has found a suspicious sand block, they should equip their brush and right-click on it. This will brush away the sand and reveal what lies beneath. Players should continue brushing away layers of sand until they uncover what they're looking for.

Step 4: Discover valuable items and pottery shards

Using the brush, players can uncover valuable items such as diamonds, emeralds, sniffer eggs, and pottery shards. These items can be used to create new tools, weapons, and decorative items. Pottery shards, in particular, can be used to create decorative blocks, and players can combine them to create different patterns.

Step 5: Explore Archeology sites

To fully explore the Archeology feature, players should visit the five locations where Archeology sites can be found. These sites are rich in history and lore, and they offer a new dimension to the game's exploration aspect. Players should bring their brush and be ready to uncover exciting discoveries.

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