The 1.20 update for Minecraft is coming out soon, and in it, 2 new mobs camel and sniffer will make a debut. The sniffer and the camel are quite dissimilar from one another. The sniffer is an ancient mob that reproduces by laying eggs, whereas the camel is a mammal found in deserts that reproduces through live offspring.

These new creatures also inhabit different environments and require different methods to be located. If players are interested in discovering these new mobs, now is a good time to learn about the specific methods to find them.

How to locate camels in Minecraft 1.20

Similar to the real world, camels in Minecraft prefer living in desert habitats. Within the game, players can locate camels wandering around in desert villages, where they're looked after by the villagers. While not every desert village is guaranteed to have a camel, most of them should. Nevertheless, for those who are new to the game, finding a desert village can be challenging, so it's advisable to learn how to do so.

Minecraft Camel Feature
A camel in Minecraft 1.20

Here's how to discover camels and a desert village in Minecraft:

To locate a desert village, you'll need to first locate a desert biome. This can be achieved by exploring the Overworld. Deserts are warm biomes, so they usually generate close to other warm biomes such as jungles, swamps, badlands, and mangrove swamps. Alternatively, if you have cheats enabled, you can use the "/locate biome desert" command to get the coordinates for the nearest desert biome to you.

Once you've arrived at the desert, you'll need to search for a village. Not every desert biome has a village, but many do. If you're having difficulty, you can use the "/locate structure village_desert" command, which will provide you with the coordinates for the nearest desert village.

When you've arrived at the village, explore it. The camel should be easily visible if it's present. If not, you may need to search for another desert village to see if one has spawned.

How to locate sniffers in Minecraft 1.20

Sniffers, the ancient mobs that won the Minecraft Live's 2022 Mob Vote, need to be hatched from eggs in Minecraft if players don't have access to commands or Creative Mode. According to recent previews, players can find sniffer eggs by using archeology and hatch them to raise a baby snifflet.

Sniffer 1280x720 5
A sniffer in Minecraft 1.20

The hunt for a sniffer egg should be easier because they are located in specific blocks.

Here's how to find and hatch a sniffer in Minecraft:

  1. Begin by crafting a brush using a stick, a copper ingot, and a feather at a crafting table.
  2. Look for a warm ocean biome near coastal areas with water and warm biomes like deserts, badlands, etc. If you're having trouble, you can use the "/locate biome minecraft:warm_ocean" command to get the coordinates to the closest one.
  3. Find ocean ruins in this warm ocean biome by exploring underwater and looking for structures made of stone brick and copper blocks. Drowned mobs may also roam around them. Alternatively, you can use the "/locate structure minecraft:ocean_ruin_warm" command.
  4. Search for suspicious sand blocks at the ocean ruins. These blocks look similar to regular sand blocks but have small indentations in their face textures.
  5. Use the brush by equipping it and right-clicking or pressing the Use Item button on the suspicious sand. With luck, a sniffer egg will come out, which you can collect.
  6. Return to land and place the sniffer egg on the ground. After 20 real-world minutes, a snifflet will hatch from the egg. Alternatively, you can place the egg on a moss block to reduce the hatch time to ten minutes.

In Minecraft, sniffers don't have a specific biome to live in. However, if players bring them to biomes with dirt, mud, grass, moss, or podzol, the creature will feel at home. They may even roam the area and sniff the ground to find torchflower seeds and pitcher pods for players.

Pitcher pods and torchflower seeds

Included in this update are two ancient plants, the pitcher plant and the torchflower, which cannot be found growing naturally in the game. Sniffers are capable of excavating pitcher pods and torchflower seeds that can be utilized to cultivate these plants.

Torchflower seeds have an additional practical use in that they can be employed to breed sniffers, which is a crucial function because these creatures are scarce and do not appear naturally in the game. As a result, players will likely find themselves utilizing this feature frequently.

The Pitcher Plant is a plant that originates from the pitcher pod and undergoes four stages of growth before maturing (a total of five stages). When fully grown, it only drops itself upon being broken; otherwise, it drops the pitcher pod. The plant can be converted into two cyan dye through crafting.

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Pitcher plant

The Torchflower is a novel flower variety that develops from torchflower seeds and advances through three growth stages, maturing after the second stage. Despite its name, the flower does not produce any light. When fully grown in the third stage, it only drops itself upon being broken, while in earlier stages, it will drop its seed. The flower can be transformed into an orange dye via crafting and can also be planted in a flower pot. Furthermore, the flower is useful in crafting suspicious stew that provides the player with Night Vision and can be employed to lure and breed bees.

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