In Minecraft, players can obtain a wide range of blocks by using a number of different methods. Most of these blocks can be mined from the world, however a few uncommon blocks are exclusively discovered in chest loot. You can gather sand, a very common block, by scooping it up with a shovel from biomes like beaches and deserts. However, this method can become tedious if players require a large quantity of sand for major projects.

Therefore, there exists a technique for duplicating sand blocks. However, it is not a straightforward process; intermediate and experienced players can construct a farm to obtain thousands of sand blocks in a matter of hours. Here is a guide on how to build a sand duper in Minecraft.

1. Items needed for the farm

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Prepare the following items

To construct the sand duper farm in Minecraft, it is necessary to gather all the required materials beforehand. Since there are numerous blocks and items involved, players must locate and create each of them prior to commencing construction. The complete inventory of items needed for this project is listed below.

  • 2 red mushrooms
  • 2 dirt blocks
  • 10 bone meals
  • 128 building blocks
  • 20 redstone dust
  • 10 obsidian blocks
  • 10 sticky pistons
  • 6 repeaters
  • 1 flint and steel
  • 4 redstone torch
  • 2 lever
  • 4 observers
  • 4 rails
  • 12 chests
  • 14 hoppers
  • 4 buttons
  • 2 comparators
  • 8 droppers
  • 6 sand
  • 4 hopper minecarts
  • 12 slime blocks
  • 64 temporary blocks

2. Find a stronghold and remove the end portal blocks

To duplicate sand blocks in Minecraft, the first step involves locating an end portal within a stronghold. This is because the process requires the use of all three dimensions. Once the portal has been found, it should be activated and a large area surrounding the portal room should be cleared out, ensuring any lava pools are removed as well.

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Remove the End Portal frame

Next, a dirt block should be placed one block deep and two blocks away from the bottom of one side of the end portal frame. This will allow a red mushroom to grow, eventually replacing one side of the end portal frame. Once the mushroom has fully grown, it can be harvested and the same process should be repeated on the opposite side of the portal frame.

3. Redstone contraption in the end portal room

To duplicate the sand blocks in Minecraft, a redstone contraption must be created using sticky pistons, redstone dust, torches, and comparators. This contraption serves as the primary duper, which is responsible for transferring the sand blocks through the end portal.

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Build a redstone contraption on both side of the portal

By utilizing slime blocks, the contraption will continuously push and pull the sand blocks, allowing them to pass through the portal and duplicate while still remaining in the overworld.

4. Create a chunk loader

Afterwards, a chunk loader needs to be established in order to maintain the functioning of the sand duper while the player is away in the end realm. This can be achieved by constantly throwing an item back and forth through the nether portal to keep the corresponding overworld chunk active.

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In order to keep the Minecraft chunk where the end portal is located active, an object will be continuously flung to and from the Nether portal.

One way to accomplish this is by creating a contraption below a nether portal, which is located in the same chunk as the end portal. The redstone contraption used in the overworld must also be replicated in the nether, beneath the portal, to continually toss out a random item and keep the chunks loaded and operational.

5. Create a collection area at the end

After setting up the sand duper and chunk loader, the sand blocks can be placed on the slime blocks within the duper, and the lever can be switched to initiate the duplication process. However, it is essential to quickly teleport to the end realm, as the rate of duplication in that realm can potentially overwhelm the device, causing the game to crash.

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Make a collection area in Minecraft to keep sand blocks in chests by keeping an eye on the area where they are duplicated at the end.

Once in the end realm, the duplicated sand blocks should be monitored, and a collection area with hoppers and chests should be created in the vicinity to store the blocks. Several large chests must be used, as this duper is capable of duplicating entire stacks of sand within a few minutes.

This process should also work on the new Suspicious Sand block, which players can brush to get various items.

About Suspicious sand

To find suspicious sand blocks in Minecraft, players need to explore desert biomes, specifically buried rooms under desert pyramids and at the bottom of desert wells. It's important to note that these blocks are fragile and cannot be broken by hand or random tools. Instead, players need to use a brush tool, which can be crafted using a feather, copper ingot, and stick.

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Suspicious sand

The chance of obtaining a pottery shard from a suspicious sand block is not guaranteed and depends on the type of block. Desert temple blocks have a 14% chance of dropping pottery shards, while desert well blocks have a 42.8% chance. Different blocks also have different drop rates and drop lists.

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