Minecraft 1.20 is going to add a number of archaeological features to the desert biome of Minecraft. Players can find the suspicious sand blocks there and brush them to acquire pottery shards. However, randomly locating desert in your seed can take a lot of time - in this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the 10 best seeds for desert in Minecraft 1.20.

1. Desert Village with Temple

  • Seed: 7800560586692033726
  • Edition: Bedrock
  • Coordinates: 660, 63, 176
Desert Village With Temple
Desert Village with Temple

If you want to have an easy time starting out in 1.20 or even creating a speedrun, this is probably the best seed. The player will start right next to a desert village, containing a bunch of villagers with jobs, including an ironsmith. It is possible to get to the Nether in no time if you are lucky with random loot.

There is also a desert pyramid right behind the ironsmith's hut, where players can loot suspicious sand blocks for archaeology. Beside the rare pottery shards, players can also get diamonds and emeralds.

2. Zombie Village + Temple

  • Seed: 47634270473
  • Edition: Java
Archaeological Zombies
Zombie Village + Temple

Zombie villages are one of the spookiest structures in Minecraft overworld and most players avoid visiting it. However, it also provides zombie villagers that players can cure. If they are lucky with the desert temple nearby, it is possible to begin fixing the village right away with the golden apple drop.

3. Pillager and Temple

  • Seed: 7036873027319092
  • Edition: Bedrock
  • Coordinates: -697, 71, -815
Pillagers Protecting Artifacts
Pillager and Temple

If you are looking to start your journey with a pillager farm, this seed is probably the best choice. It has a Desert Pyramid right under the nose of a Pillager Outpost. While it might be hard to do early on, players can acquire 2 armor trims after clearing these 2 starting locations.

4. Mineshaft, Ruined Portal, and a Temple

  • Seed: 5069955
  • Edition: Java
  • Ruined Portal Coordinates: 104, 67, 08
  • Desert Temple Coordinates: 120, 73, -232
Mineshaft Ruined Portal And A Temple
Mineshaft, Ruined Portal, and a Temple

Another great seed for speedrun. With this seed, players get access to the Ruined portal right away for exploration. The portal also merged with a desert temple, allowing exploration and base building later on.

A mineshaft nearby also provide some loot and exp if players can create a farm from it.

5. Hidden Desert Temple

  • Seed: 19816
  • Edition: Java
  • Coordinates: -953, 76, 120
Hidden Desert Temple
Hidden Desert Temple

This seed spawns a buried Desert Temple, which is impossible to find unless you are looking at it from a particular angle. The nearby badlands mountain can provide you with a bunch of gold and even copper, which you need to easily make a brush in Minecraft, a needed tool for archaeology.

6. Desert Temple + 2 villages

  • Seed: 11067183474
  • Edition: Java
  • Desert Temple Coordinates: -408, 71, 120
  • Second Village Coordinates: -309, 72, 207
Lucky Minecraft Archaeology Spawn
Desert Temple + 2 villages

This seed is similar to the first one, with players spawning in a huge desert village that has multiple farms and even an ironsmith in it. There is also a 2nd large village just a few dozen blocks away, with its own lava pool.

The thing that makes the second village special is a desert temple right next to it. Players can loot both village for the tools to start their archaeology journey immediately.

7. Three Desert Temples Near Spawn

  • Seed: 2183
  • Edition: Java
  • 1st Desert Temple Coordinates: 8, 64, -136
  • Desert Temple with Village Coordinates: -168, 74, 156
  • 3rd Desert Temple Coordinates: 280, 66, 104
3 Desert Temples Near Spawn
Three Desert Temples Near Spawn

Desert Temples are the structure to hit if you want to get all the archaeological loot in Minecraft. However, if you are unlucky, it might be awhile until you get enough pottery shards for a single pot.

This seed fix this issue by spawning 3 desert temples near your spawn point. Having three temples ensures that you can get at least 6 suspicious sand blocks. There are also a few desert wells that spawn in your route to the temple as well.

8. Village next to a Desert Temple

  • Seed: 47179726794
  • Edition: Java
  • Desert Temple Coordinates: 8, 67, 40
  • Desert Well Near Second Temple Coordinates: 236, 63, -119
Spawn In Village Next To A Desert Temple
Village next to a Desert Temple

This seed provides you with everything you need right at your spawn point, including a desert village that has a Desert Temple and even a bunch of cave openings. Though, if the temple as a spawn doesn’t fit your needs, you can also visit a nearby desert well and a second Desert Temple, which is visible from the village itself.

The nearby water and lava sources are good for speedrun.

9. Swamp Temple

  • Seed: 49184
  • Edition: Java
  • Desert Temple Coordinates: 120, 77, 120
Swamp Temple
Swamp Temple

Keep your eyes open and your sense alert because the reward in this seed is a bit harder to spot. You spawn next to a unique mountainous desert village with sits on the shore of a river. On the other side of the river is a beautiful mangrove swamps biome with a hidden desert temple in it.

10. Forest next to Desert Temple

  • Seed: 41649
  • Edition: Java
  • Desert Temple Coordinates: 120, 82, 88
World Of Tomb Raider
Forest next to Desert Temple

This seed spawns you next to a dense forest on the other side which is a Desert Temple waiting to be excavated.

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